Bill Gates and a better class of friends

“There is nothing that indicates more clearly the magnificence
of great princes than their superb palaces and their precious
-Louis XIV (1638-1715)
Grand staircase of the 60sq ft mansion

I saw the Artisans and Kings exhibit at the DAM. A veritable cornucopia of gilded age, literally. A picnic basket comprising a chocolate warmer and a bell to summon the servants was considered a “necessaire.” Many of the collected paintings and drawings were never even seen by the King. Two of the most ornate chairs are known to have been delivered after the royals were guillotined.

We can only yet dream of serving justice upon our latter day robber barons. Until then we can have a laugh at their attempts at gilded trappings. US News & World Report features a virtual tour of the Bill Gates mansion. Have a look-see at his palatial compound of wood, glass and stone. I was amused by the indoor/outdoor pool which featured “guest lockers.” I can imagine having a home big enough to host lots of friends, but if they need lockers I shouldn’t invite them.

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