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Hillary says “Free the internet from political control”

And neglects the NeuenRealpolitik of Corporate control of Politics in America and its vassal states, and the strange silence on her part about Net Neutrality, just, you know, allow Corporate Overlords to control every aspect of the Internet through”free” Market business decisions. As though the Internet wasn’t developed at PUBLIC expense. Kind of like the Military are PUBLICLY funded institutions but somehow, all the profits from their Corporate Warfare go to the same very small group of very rich Thieves.

AT&T, Microsoft, the “Baby Bells”, IBM, Intel… they were very handsomely paid for their “contributions” to developing the Internet. But somehow, I just don’t believe that their engineers, the ones who did all the work, got paid a double digit percentage (> = 10%) of the amount paid to the tiny minority of shareholders who own most of the shares.

Remember Ross Perot? Made $20bn by having the GOVERNMENT provide the research, the recruitment and training of his Data Management team, the equipment to build “his” corporation, EDS… but it was “his” so-called leadership that was the most valuable asset.

Even then, after he immediately sold the company for the aforementioned twenty thousand x a million dollars, fudges on his income tax. Oh, and it was to build the Social Security Medicare database, he being an outspoken critic of Non-Privatized Social Security.

More recently, he got a fat cat contract, no bids, to provide the data management through the company he no longer officially owns, and his Country Club/Military Industrial Complex buddy former Gov. Bill Owens, the term “thick as thieves” applies here… to “manage” the Electronic Benefits Transfers… Medicaid and Food Assistance and AFDC and some very sore spots for Republicans, Child Protective Services… (Why do “conservatives” hate American kids?)

When the system, no bid, patched together and really shoddy, experienced several hiccups during the first 6 months that cost Human Beings Their Irreplaceable Lives, Bill Owens laughed it off with a militaristic quote that it was like launching a new Aircraft Carrier, “you gotta run it for a wile to get all the bugs out of it.” Ignore the fact that a carrier is designed to KILL large numbers of people.

Basically, it’s the notion that “Why should we let the lives of PEASANTS interfere with our profit margins?”

Bill Owens has yet to answer for how much he made in kickbacks from EDS and his old friend Ross Perot.

Hillary has yet to answer for how much she’s making in kickbacks from AT&T, Comcast, Microsux etc over her effective blocking of Net Neutrality.

But these are the flag-carriers for “freedom”. And somehow in such a high position of moral authority that they can tell other countries what to do.

Full of it, Steeped in it, Stepped in a big stinky pile of it…

The India Laptop slammed by tech sales reporter, because he can’t understand altruism, patriotism or any other motives other than profit. Now, the Capitalist Overlords use Altruistic and Patriotic sentiments as Sales Gimmicks and really, nothing more. Country means exactly the same to them as God, in other words, a way to skin gullible people for a quick buck. Celebrate Christmas, Easter, Seder, Kwanzaa, with a promotional sale. Dutch Boy sticking his finger in a dyke, image is now used to sell paint and (I think) donuts. And haircuts but we won’t go there.
The whole point of the article is that nobody does anything for any other living creature without expecting some reward. Except when Fox bankrolls the TeaParty with wall-to-wall 18 hours a day coverage at no cost. Yes, they’re so good to the American people.
But because the IndiaPad is designed, then unveiled, without marketing strategies like building the factories, (already in existence) training the workers (done that too) and having a half million of the devices ready for sale as soon as the hype period gets to such a frenzy that people are camping outside the Radio Shack or Best Buy for a first chance to buy one.
Such sad empty lives that their money could never fill.

Extolling Patriotism and self-sacrifice when praising a fallen soldier, for instance, so they can lure more unsuspecting fools into enlisting with their eyes all watery and choked up with the emotion. I get the same reaction. It’s a natural human reaction to toxic fumes and the stench of bullshit.

Bill Gates backs up the One-Laptop-per-Child initiative for a couple of reasons. One is it’s tax deductible in every country where he sells his crap. Second is he gets to use the project as a whipping boy, gleefully announcing each setback as positive proof that “Damn the little darkie kids, you need MY piece-of-slop operating system to make it work!” Which would mean the kids would have to spend a C-note apiece for just the software, and $35 an incident to get tech support if WHEN it breaks down.

The editors and backers of the Business Tech website could never understand a nation wanting to build its economy by bringing the poorest up FIRST and then having the money trickle up from there. Instead the kiddoes are supposed to have the money trickle down.
If, as the Capitalist propaganda chiefs assert, “A rising tide lifts all boats” why wouldn’t a rising tide rising from the BOTTOM also lift the Pleasure Yachts of the wealthy?
Don’t they believe their own story if it means the money doesn’t filter through their greedy hands and pockets, if they don’t take their cut FIRST?

The whole idea of Public Education escapes them, only a favored few should be allowed to even learn to Read and Write. Or have disposable income. Much like the very direct and no-bullshit Slave codes which forbade American slaves from learning to read or handle money.

That deal in Huckleberry Finn where Huck gave Jim a counterfeit quarter for a psychic reading? A fake coin for a fake prediction. But there’s more, even without the money being Counterfeit it would be illegal for Jim, a slave, to have money.

The slavers were at least honest enough to say (until the Emancipation Proclamation) that the poorest even having an education posed a security risk for their Corporate Plantation empire. Fast forward a century and a half and they don’t quite say it that way, even thought that’s the upshot of their arguments. They like to keep the public amused with demagogues who pose as “Man of the People” like Sarah, Sam-the-fake-plumber, not-really-Larry-the-actor-who-plays-a-cable-guy, Glenn Beck with his Work Shirts and jeans. About as real “working class” as they were real “war heroes”. They don’t want the people to realize that they’re being treated as disposable slaves who don’t deserve or need education. They need them just doped up enough to where they can incite them into Mob action against those durned old Liberal Elitists who think they can be educated.

The reasoning is the People won’t read the writing on the wall if they’re illiterate to begin with.

So the Government of India, whose one president was a Nuclear Scientist who rose through public education and publicly subsidized College as well from being working caste… is taking the steps to bring their boats to the water, drag them in and make the damn water lift the boats.

Over the objections of Western Corporate Slaves who pretend to be “free agents of a free market”.

It’s interesting, too, that the same argument was made for people like me never getting a modern computer, or that Linux operating system was doomed to fail.

Bill Gates and a better class of friends

“There is nothing that indicates more clearly the magnificence
of great princes than their superb palaces and their precious
-Louis XIV (1638-1715)
Grand staircase of the 60sq ft mansion

I saw the Artisans and Kings exhibit at the DAM. A veritable cornucopia of gilded age, literally. A picnic basket comprising a chocolate warmer and a bell to summon the servants was considered a “necessaire.” Many of the collected paintings and drawings were never even seen by the King. Two of the most ornate chairs are known to have been delivered after the royals were guillotined.

We can only yet dream of serving justice upon our latter day robber barons. Until then we can have a laugh at their attempts at gilded trappings. US News & World Report features a virtual tour of the Bill Gates mansion. Have a look-see at his palatial compound of wood, glass and stone. I was amused by the indoor/outdoor pool which featured “guest lockers.” I can imagine having a home big enough to host lots of friends, but if they need lockers I shouldn’t invite them.