Can you help us identify this “activist?”

incognitoIf you have any helpful information about the identity of this Neighbor Wilson, please contact us immediately. We are particularly interested in his whereabouts and identity before 2006. Your email replies will be kept in the strictest confidence.

These pictures were taken at the 2008 Broadmoor protest, which is distinguished from other actions because here activists come into face to face contact with defense industry people and the intelligence community. On this mild overcast morning, do you notice anyone else wearing sunglasses? Is he hoping not to run into an old colleague? Or a previous target?

The age of the internet means it’s a lot harder to plop an infiltrator into an activists group because suspicious folk can Google for provenance. You’d have to say you came out of a monastery to explain your lack of record of past activities. In Colorado Springs, it’s suspected that THE NAVIGATORS and YOUNG LIFE, among others, are used to launder US intelligence operatives into the population at large.

Here’s an opportunity to test the new waters which the internet presents for the Witness Protection Program and other government embedding techniques. Let’s pass around a picture far and wide and see what previous identities come to light.

Incognito participant

1 thought on “Can you help us identify this “activist?”

  1. The Mystery Man activist… Is a mystery Woman.

    In one way, that takes off half the possibilities, but then, women are much harder to identify than men.

    It’s like Michael said in “Stranger in a Strange Land”, women basically do have one face. It’s why sisters can use each others ID and Drivers Licenses so easily, more than I could even with my own brothers, and we have basically the same face amongst us.

    I don’t know how helpful that would be.

    Women are better at identifying other women than men would or could ever be.

    Fortunately, we know a few and, maybe some might be able to spot her if she shows up again.

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