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Pissing match with trickle-down theory

Oh dear, is this really the best antiwar argument we've got? The share of federal spending which goes to war-making IS astounding, and should give the common citizen pause, but how does it speak to the average weapons industrialist attending the 2011 Space Symposium? They're trickle-down folks! The more money going to science and skilled labor the better. High tech would be happier if 100% of government spending went through them. Plus the only thing worse than antiwar arguments lamenting OUR OWN casualties, IMO worse too than NIMBY, is making it all about how we can't AFFORD it.

Jesus Springs welcomes fugitive Bush

After seeing Colorado College gush over a whitewashed CIA murderer, I'm not in any mood to watch local Christian groupies applaud George War-criminal Bush. The plan for Saturday at the Broadmoor is to pummel the arrogant creep with shoes, ceremoniously of course, and probably in effigy. We'll have a Bush impersonator, a little monkey in a suit strutting about with impunity. And it appeals to me more that we not land any hits, so we'll have Junior ducking this shoe and that, taunting us with his sick hehehe. And won't that reflect reality? Justice frustrated by a snickering good ol' boy. Except, is there outrage left for Bush? I know I hardly feel it anymore. It's Obama dissembling about torture and dropping the bombs now. 23644

THEY can’t afford feudal serfdom any more than US

Meaning the Corporates. Like Bush and Walker. They've sunk their assets and their asses into the credit economy deep. They broke it and expect US to make all the concessions so they can salvage enough of the system to support their luxury lifestyle. It's gone, gone gone...   They'll have real estate without tenants or maintenance, cars without gas or drivers, WideScreen MegaUltra-3D televisions without electricity or audiences. roads that nobody could drive on even if they DID have cars and gas, and no way to pay the Working Class people they've hired to guard their palaces. 23351

What would Bush war cabal have to say to America’s insurance cronies?

Why would Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and General Stanley McChrystal be addressing US insurance execs? McChrystal of all people, specifically. How to make war on poor people, even in America? My best guess would be motivational speeches about how to stay out of jail, no matter what the enormity of the crime. Cheney speaks today at the Broadmoor. Come tell the assemblage (7:30-8:30AM) that you don't approve they choice of mentor.

Colorado Springs is belly of space beast

What's that up in the sky? It's a mini-me space shuttle with no windows, a former NASA project now entirely USAF. Amateur space object trackers have located the X-37B, the US military's super secret unmanned space shuttle. What's so secret about an unarmed, ostensibly inoffensive piece of space hardware? Good question. It depends on what military role you consider to be noncombatant. 17220

How to get on the terrorist watch list

Impersonate an astronaut? Criticize defense contractors? I have no idea. But at the airport, welcome to the tertiary security check delay, where they dust your hands for potential explosive residue. 15891

Space Symposium grand finale not a dud

COLORADO SPRINGS- According to local sources, this year's grand finale of the Broadmoor Hotel's fireworks display, marking the final evening of the National Space Symposium, was not a dud. It simply never came. 7186

National Space [Weapons] Symposium

REMINDER! The military-industrial complex converges this week on the Broadmoor Conference Center, in the guise of "Space Symposium 2009." The biggest mercenaries, profiteers, mass-murderers and top brass will gather over cocktails in the late afternoon, after weapons exhibitors have set up their displays. Local news is already hyping the event, this year's emphasis is, we kid you not, EDUCATION! Citizens for Peace In Space (CPIS) is reprising their STOP TRUTH DECAY street theater at 5pm on Monday, Coloradans 4 Peace has reserved a more pointed message, to begin at 4pm, before the death-merchant revelers retreat inside. 7149

Silly warmongers, space is for kids

Once again the Colorado Springs peace community has the unique opportunity to protest the annual Space Symposium hosted at the Broadmoor. First, the event provides unparalleled access to the upper echelons of the US military industrial for-profit killing machine. And this year, their war-in-space theme is not even disguised: "Space as a Contested Environment." Think they're talking about Sputnik? 7121

Obama in our bastion of white bigotry

COLORADO SPRINGS- News reports far and wide recounted Barack Obama's visit yesterday to our "Bastion of the Religious Right." He toured the Air Force Academy and Peterson AFB, and spoke with veterans at UCCS on the Christian North side. He finished off with the fundraiser at the Broadmoor, an atmosphere so genteel, Obama would have stood out against his Caucasian audience like a white man on the Broadmoor wait staff. Clearly our peace contingent had the less embarrassing task outside with our banners, where we were enthusiastically received, tourists stopped to pose for pictures with us. 3621

Shall we stand our ground with Obama?

The man who brought Democrats out of the closet, our presumptive Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Barack Obama, will be speaking in Colorado Springs Wednesday night at the Broadmoor. WHETHER OR NOT you hope he gets elected, do we remind Obama and the Democrats he rode in on, that the American and world peoples need real change? "Change" does NOT mean: endorsing FISA, funding more war, staying in Iraq, bullying Iran, or not promising universal health care. Can you name anything Barack Obama is going to do for you? He'll withdraw the "combat troops" (10%) from Iraq? Come put your two cents before the eyes of these presumptive progressives. MEET US 6PM WED. AT THE BROADMOOR. There's nothing wrong with Obama that the voice of the people can't fix. You know there's only one way to make sure he hears it! UPDATE: The event will be held at BROADMOOR WEST, behind the lake. The best car and foot traffic will still pass our original spot.

Defense Industry belligerance mindset

Mark's amusing Space Symposium Billy Bad-Ass video is getting traction. As the CPIS delegation is enroute to Omaha, KRDO Channel 13 talked to Mark and I about Tuesday morning (and Wednesday morning 2006). 3042

CPIS against Space Weapons Symposium

Reminder: Citizens for Peace In Space will be protesting the Space Symposium held annually at the Broadmoor. As usual the event is 99% about space weaponry. Come see all the smarmy businessmen (suntans and loafers) and their military meal tickets (top brass). CPIS activities include a protest at the opening cocktail hour MONDAY 17:00-17:45; then at 19:00-20:30 a panel discussion at Penrose Library with CPIS guests JN Rao of India, Jan Tamas of the Czech Republic, Damian Moran of Poland and Mary Beth Sullivan of Maine; TUESDAY 15:00-16:00 bannering at Peterson AFB; WEDNESDAY 10:30-12:30 bannering at the Broadmoor while schoolchildren are bused in to see the pseudo- scientific displays which glorify US military superiority.

We lose they lose

Protesting at the side of the street does seem futile at times, it certainly seems so just thinking about it. But out there catching each others eyes, you're reminded of its mysterious power, particularly when you're shown to what extent those against you are willing to go to keep you from being there. 1216

White Mountain

White Mountain met its match last night, at their homecoming football game. The idea usually is to pick an opponent to beat at your homecoming festivities. Later you might visit a fellow school on their homecoming weekend and lose to them in return. But "South," the underprivileged shoe-in with half the athletic department and budget, would not play ball. And that was the good news. 426