Capitalism is killing all life

A book I read 35 years ago was titled ´Let Them Live´and made a big impression on me at the time, though it is now out of print. The book had me asking myself, just what was it that had humankind exterminating life on this planet? I came to the conclusion that it was the modern capitalism that was touted then as now as being an effecient economic system as opposed to others that humans could choose. We haven´t changed the system though, and in the 35 years since I read ´Let Then Live´, humankind has eliminated 1/3 of bio-diversity while efficiently trashing the planet. An Epidemic of Extinctions: Decimation of Life on Earth

Overpopulation alone is not the cause of the biological and ecological destruction of this planet, but the poor economic organization of people is. Articles that merely blame the ecological crisis we all face on overpopulation, just do not go to the heart of the problem and offer little solution with their wrong emphasis on there supposedly just being way too many people around. The planet can support large numbers of humans, but not economically organized by us humans in the destructive world capitalist form of production currently running society for the super rich.

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  1. So very true. The problem is not the space – but the parking meter in front of it.

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