Some “Inflammatory” rhetoric…

About the Labor Day Fire on Pike’s Peak last year… And the Fascist editor at Westside Pioneer.

You can tell whose pockets the El Paso County Fire Control District are in.

The wealthiest of course.

Y’all remember the fire, right?

Wasn’t a red-hot week later the self-serving rag Westside Pioneer was reporting that it was a homeless person who started the fire.

Somebody was seen leaving the scene, nobody knows who, (I personally have been in a couple of wildfires, and let the Voice of Experience speak, I got the hell as far away from those fires as fast as I possibly could…)

The Fire Marshall or whatever the sell-out bastard’s title is pronounced that the fire MIGHT have been started by a carelessly tossed Cigarette, or MIGHT have been started in a campfire. It was mid morning, 80 degrees Fahrenheit, nobody had no damn campfire going.

And, the clincher of their messed up argument, it was in a “disheveled” homeless campsite.

The editor of the Pioneer, sounds kind of to the Right of Mussolini, arrogantly assumes that it WAS a homeless “Bum” (to use his phrase) who started the fire.

And proceeded to blame the homeless for every ill befalling society today.

    Now, here’s MY theory, and it’s a doozy.

That the camp was all torn up and littered up, that sounds like what happens when Socially Retarded Animated Sphincter Rich-Bitches teach their kids that “bums” are less than human, and that it’s ok to break into their camps (Not while they’re in camp, of course, no no, COWARDS don’t like to risk being confronted by the PEOPLE they’re assaulting)

They steal anything that might be worth money and then break or tear apart everything else. …

    … and in many cases, They Light The Place On Fire…

Occasionally, if there’s a chance that somebody in the camp would defend himself, and they might get more than their Piggy Pride hurt… they’ll call the cops, who are so bootlicking subservient that they’ll take care of the problem, “of course you’re right sir, the poor are causing all the problems of the world and no, sir, you should be insulated from seeing the suffering of your fellow humans, and we’ll take care of the “Bum”, sir”.

Now, I don’t have proof that some out-of-control Rich Bitch Punk Cowards, such as those who infest the multi-million dollar houses on Stolen Land along Gold Camp and Bear Creek roads, are the ones who actually started the fire.

Then again, my evidence is more substantial than theirs, AND, the aforementioned PIGS refuse to even consider such a possibility.

In their PIGGY minds, it has to be the fault of “Bums”, no questions need be asked.

Now, here’s a neat little Teach The Punks A Lesson thought:

Get a cheap tent, right, a cheap sleeping bag, some clothes books and such…
Set it up in an area Known To Be Infested with the “camp raider heroes”

Boil up a mess of poison ivy. Cook it just like collard greens (only without the hamhocks) and pour the “tea” all over the tent and clothes, let it dry, (or not, it wouldn’t make any difference, they would just assume it was soaked in a rainstorm, happens often enough.)

And then let their ChickenShit nature take its course…

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