Five former leaders of the free world say YOU should pay for disaster relief

Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama, Bush, and Bush
THAT’S RIGHT. Five US ex-presidents, so-called most powerful men in the world, who each did their most to expropriate the public wealth for the super rich, who denied you healthcare, job security, infrastructure, a clean environment, even peace, every last POTUS son of a bitch, now think the rescue of America’s refinery capitol should be at your expense. Never mind that your taxes will already pay to rebuild Houston. These still-shilling salesmen-in-chief want whatever extra they can squeeze out of the American little person in the name of Christian Charity.

The Democrat Party’s magic math

magic mathUS House passes economic package without a single Republican vote reads the Headline. The Republicans also have their own magic math ‘economic recovery’ giveaway for the super rich, but they are smart enough not to be caught together with the Democrats ‘winning’ now, but later to be caught by the public holding the burglary bag of new national debt created! They can say they ‘opposed’ The Grand Give Away, and they will have, too, since they were not in charge of doing it their way.

So let’s take a look at how the Democrats are using their magic math to try to deceive the newly going-to-be-unemployed/ underemployed.

In 2008, 2.6 US jobs were lost. This year the loss will be 3 million or more per relatively optimistic forecasts. Barack Obama’s most recent victory in the House called for spending greater than $800 billion to create what he says could be up to 4 million jobs (his words, not mine). Wait a sec? Then where will all the other money be going to be spent?

Let’s imagine these new jobs paying $20,000 per year and times that 4,000,000, shall we? That’s only $80 billion and the Feds could just give that money away to these 4,000,000 happy theoretical new workers for 10 years for a cost of 800 billion? Is that Obama’s plan? No, it is not. He is not even going to create 4 million new jobs for one whole year with that $800 billion of tax money obtained, and where will that money come from anyway? Eventually it has to come from public taxes.

But wait a second now? Most of that money will actually go to financial bailouts of institutions going under, as the Federal Government takes on their bad debts AND their top execs’ ill gotten profit making, all bills now due. The government will be ‘giving’ with one hand (a little to the small fok, and a much greater amount to the really large folk) and taking away yet more with the other hand, and almost all of that to be taken coming out of the small folks accounts! And then there will be the interest to forever pay back…

So this whole new Obama game plan will become the financial re-foundation of the New World Economy restabilization? Hardly! It can only be the new foundation for a total disintegration of the entire US national government into having to make foreign debt payments for an eternity. Forget the mirage of 4 million new jobs which is nothing more than a sugar coating for the Grand Theft. It’s not icing onhte cake but the cover-up for the theft!

It is increasingly becoming clear worldwide, that the business community has no real answers for anything these days. All problems the world faces are without current economic leadership having any real solutions to propose. They are simply glued into The System and the System is simply glued into one of its gigantic and periodic downturns. And since the Chinese and Russians are now glued into that System themselves, they have little to nothing constructive to offer as alternative either. In fact, their world looks even grimmer than ours does.

Now here’s the real math from Barack Obama… New bank bailout could cost up to $2 trillion: report from the Wall Street Journal. I thought these were the fundamentalists who were utterly opposed to just throwing money at problems? I guess not. And after the thrown money fails to solve anything, then what? Well it might come down to many people wanting to hang Obama in a couple of years? Why? Because then all there will be is a huge governmental debt on the $2 trillion spent, and a still totally dysfunctional economy. Beware the man who’ll leave you with just small change. It’s still welfare time for the elite guzzlers of that most important commodity.

Gaza and Afghanistan- it’s election time so it’s time to spill The Barbarians’ blood!

gaza-babyThe Israeli Zionist Jewish State waited 24 hours after Jesus’s birthday to unleash their State Terrorism yet once again, since Jews have already unfairly been judged by many Christians in the near historical past for having murdered the ‘Son of God’. So they gave the Gazan Arabs one whole day of reprieve for Jesus. Wow!

Election time was coming up, and just like in the Christian US, Zionist Jewish politicians have to show that they are tough on the Barbarian Blacks of The Third World. The core of Zionism is racism, just exactly like the core of US nationalism (Christian patriotism) is racism, too. So, it’s time to kill the Gooks! It’s election time once again (early February in Israel)! One thousand Gazans have laready been killed or maimed in this new Israeli terrorist bombing.

Much overlooked in the US is why Barack Obama was allowed by his super rich backers to take office? He simply told them that he was tough on Barbarians, too. Oops, you missed that in his campaign? The rich who made his election possible did not. Barack Obama pledged to continue the ‘Global War on Barbarians’ by surging in Afghanistan, imitating the Bush war effort just exactly. Luckily for Obama, he had a bunch of ‘Peace’crat liberals out there to cover his ideological ass.

What is it about the Christian and Jewish Right that makes them so blood thirsty? Is it their ‘Holy Scriptures’ that tell them that they are ‘chosen peoples’? Kind of reminds one of the Aztecs, Incas, and Maya. ‘God’ like that just demands human sacrifices.

They are on a schedule almost, and once the Jewish platoon holds their ‘elections’ in their racially clean ‘democracy’, then that’ll be the Democrats green light to turn Iran into a Gaze/Iraq/Somalia. Such restraint! Makes the nut cases proud to be American, I bet.

Let’s just hope that all this planned war doesn’t trigger off a nuclear row between India and Pakistan mean time? Real mean time. Like car bombs, these things (Gaza) can just blow up right in your face when you go to set them off.

Democratic Party awash in corruption scandal

ponziWhat do Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Bernard Madoff have in common? They are both Democratic Party kingpins, the likes of which Barack Obama climbed his way to White House power with. Bernie Madoff ran a $50 billion ponzi scheme from Wall Street but he also poured money into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign war chest ($100,000 between 2005 and 2008) and made large contributions to important Democrats on the Finance Committees, like Rep Henry Waxman and Senator Charles Schumer.

See “It’s Kristallnacht Two!” An Ethnic Cleansing in America By ALEXANDER COCKBURN for more about Madoff. And keep your eye on Governor Blagojevich’s hair piece, too, since this scandal has hardly but just begun. His defense should be, that selling of favors is actually the standard in our 2 corporate party system of American corruption, not a deviation from it! That’s just the simple truth.

These 2 corruption scandals are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the overall corruption that Barack Obama’s Administration represents and governs through. Barack Obama has yet to even take over the Presidency, yet he and his party have been cooperating with the Republican Party to give away literally trillions of US government money to be used in bailouts for the profit making of the super rich, more war making for the military industrial complex, and cover-up for the torture regime of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. These two criminal conspiracies, the Democrats and Republicans, co-govern this country, and it really is hard to distinguish the corruption of one group of these gangsters from the corruption of the other group. They are simply in it together.

Corruption is the element that is collapsing The Empire, and the whole world hopes the collapse comes sooner, instead of later. Meanwhile, at home here in the US, there has been no bailout from this corruption that our country has yet to pay the full price for. One thing is for sure, a Democratic Party awash in corruption itself can play little part in moving things forward for the American people. We are caught between a rock and a hard place. Simple as that. Time to get over our ‘lesser of two evils’ buy in to all this top dog corruption and criminality at the very top. Time for patience is coming to an end.

The unmitigated gall of General Motors

networking-profits.jpg You might have missed it, but General Motors yesterday took out a full page advertisement in the National newspaper, USA Today? Today, that same newspaper’s website has this info online Bipartisan group of legislators craft auto bailout compromise So what was in the advertisement that poor little Ol’ General Motors paid for? They asked for $25 billion dollars, that’s what!

Imagine if you or I went bankrupt with the aid of The Lawyer online at Not My Tribe? Would he have taken out out an ad for us in the local Gagzette, asking for the government to give us $25,000 dollars to keep from going bankrupt and perhaps not being able to provide for our family members, give the landlord rental money, and pay the loan agency their monthly piece of pie? Just like GM, we have a lot of people depending on us, and would he run that ad for us asking for the US government to take taxpayer money and bail us out to save THE ECONOMY?

Maybe those on welfare assistance need to learn from the high paid CEOs and bless their hearts, take out a full page national ad in USA Today? Give us $25 billion now! We need it for our welfare cadillacs! Oops, they don;t actually have any of those cars, but the CEOs probably do. Big Pink ones!

Barack, what you going to do, Buster? Oops, I think we already know the answer to that. We haven’t been sleeping. All these dompanies aren’t advocating for their own brand of socialism at all. They are merely doing like the military industrial complex done always, even in the very best of financial times for them. They are merely looking for more governmental paid welfare for the super rich. What unmitigated gall they have! And they look down on the poor unemployed for asking for some scraps from time to time!

The gilded age and the police nightstick

Oscar of the Waldorf cookbookA legacy institution of the Gilded Age is the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel. Most of us only know it from the nutty salad, the mysterious Red Velvet Cake recipe, Thousand Island Dressing and Veal Oscar named for the famous maitre d’ hotel. I encountered the book of recipes collected by “Oscar of the Waldorf” and its cover illustration caught my eye. The coachman and carriage don’t look so opulent to us today, but do you recognize a timeless trapping of affluence? There’s nothing else in the picture but the policeman and his nightstick.

We almost dismiss the incongruity of the attendant police officer. That’s because he’s Officer Friendly to us, circa the 1950s egalitarian economic boom, earned post New Deal and post WWII, when law enforcement began to serve and protect the middle class share of the pie. Before those times, whose order did the police enforce?

Could the Waldorf diorama have featured some other occupation at the curb? A newsboy, a shoeshine, or a traffic director? If the cabbie is picking up late night revelers, why not depict a doorman or lamplighter?

If this scene did not include the policeman, he’d be missing.

The Gilded Age of the soaring wealth of bankers and industrialists, of the steel, coal, and rail robber barons, came at the expense of poverty wages for all the rest. The homeless of America’s eastern cities died in the streets, if they crossed the paths of the leisure class at all. As in London, where the bobbies were celebrated for carrying no guns, cops on the beat didn’t need more than a nightstick to beat back beggars and riffraff.

Just as in the Waldorf illustration, the policeman’s nightstick isn’t holstered, it is fingered idly like a baton. We’ve seen it in countless Chaplin, Keaton, and Keystone reels. The policeman’s baton might be carried idly, and animated mindlessly as a clerk might twirl a pencil, but the gyrations telegraphed a swinging function meant to be understood.

Today, a modern financial crisis has finally hit the post industrial era, and unemployment is taking a precipitous plunge. The repercussions for the American middle class are yet unclear to most, their comforts still too tangible to fathom gone. But our modern times have already seen the resurgence of the Rich And Famous, (to even beyond the lunge of our Super-Lotto winners, who always chose the sub-six-figure annuity). Exclusive cars, toy submarines and tickets into space cost multi-millions, but the rich have that money to burn. Common Americans have also watched the armoring of their police, using weapons which offend us, but which protect the security of institutional wealth. Para-military police forces are the natural escalation of the right-to-bear-arms arms-race, the equivalent of nightsticks to quell our social disquiet.

Already aren’t we seeing the police block the public’s way, lest we soil the red carpet of the well-heeled? Aren’t police blocking free speech in public spaces, when the monied media has decided it wants the backdrop to serve their message? Wait until we are gazing covetously upon the gilded extravagances, from the alley side of the gilded wrought iron gate.
guilded age of the nightstick
Wiki notes:
Thousand Island Dressing came to the Waldorf from the so-named Lake Ontario waterway where New York’s super rich had their summer homes. The $100 recipe for Red Velvet Cake was the urban myth which resurfaced as the $250 Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie.

The original Waldorf Hotel was built by an Astor whose middle name was Waldorf, next door to an aunt with whom he was feuding. Later another Astor convinced her to move uptown and replaced her home with a taller hotel named the Astoria. The two luxurious hotels hyphened via the Peacock Alley, inspiring the popular song “Meet me at the hyphen.” In 1931 the landmark was moved to accommodate the Empire State Building, and was purchased in 1949 by Conrad Hilton who added the double-hyphen flourish, completely in the spirit of gilded ornamentation.

Just another meaningless election day

exciting dayExpect the cheers of delight to begin tonight, as many Americans begin to celebrate what the corporate media tomorrow will call a historic event. However, they will be wrong. There will have been no major change in America at all.

In July 2000 I was in Mexico, and got to see the jubilation as Mexicans were celebrating what they thought would be the final end of the world’s longest running dictatorship over them. They believed that all Mexico’s problems had been merely the product of having this one capitalist ruling party in place, and that by implementing 2 capitalist ruling parties that all would soon turn into a rainbow road ahead for Mexico. Wrong they were, and it should have been self evident to them at the time. However, the corporate media of that country began to bombard all Mexicans with nonstop commentaries that all had the same refrain… Mexico had now become a new country! Wrong they were.

Similarly today we will see the same delusions spread by corporate media talking dead heads and Democratic Party voting delusionary souls alike, who often like to call themselves ‘Progressives’. Wrong. They simply are not that at all, and can only marginally be called much improvement over the typical Republican voting clowns they always oppose so fanatically. And just like the Mexicans who were taken in by the believe that Mexico had turned some sort of corner in the year 2000, so too will they initially spread that very same false optimism throughout the general population. A crescendo of optimism will be built up between now and January as the Republican President is allowed to do his final corrupt actions in virtual silence from this new ‘hero’, Barack Obama.

Like Mexicans today, 8 years later from their election of 2000, we in the US will soon see how meaningless this meaningless election day actually will be for the US. Real Change must come from the furious anger of people down below and not from the manipulations of rich people up high, as certainly will be the case with Barack Obama’s cruise into power. We’re getting Obama because the US super rich finally begin to just get fed up with the poor results of what continuing to keep Dubya-like clowns in the White House for all of another 4 years would actually bring to them.

2009 world collapse of auto production in route

us-autosGas prices are sinking! Whoopie! Hooray! But why is that happening? Kind of eery, isn’t it? Answer is that gas prices are falling simply because there is a world collapse in automobile production now underway. GM is going down, a boat loaded with lead, and other automobile companies will soon follow. World gasoline demand will be decreasing and already is. Workers are losing their jobs, and now will buy less gas, less everything. Demand is down, down, down.

Standard & Poor’s said on Thursday it could cut GM and Ford’s credit ratings deeper into junk, saying that both automakers had enough liquidity through 2008, “but the accelerating deteriorating industry fundamentals will be a serious challenge to liquidity during 2009.” GM shares drop to 58-year low, global risks eyed Paper junk was backing vehicle junk it seems…

The world is beginning to see that this capitalist downturn is not just about ‘derivatives’, mortgages, and credit. It is a production downturn, too. Capitalism is not a system run on logic. It has production cycles (like a machine almost) where over production leads to economic depression, all initially fueled by looting and criminality at the very top. At the very top of this corporate excess profit looting system is the US Pentagon, which is a giant welfare pie for the super rich. Other industries like real estate and health ‘care’ merely stumble along behind as second bests in the looting frenzy of the super rich.

What ever you do, don’t buy a new SUV at still inflated prices and inflated consumption of precious societal resources. And get a job closer to home if you can? Most of the travel done in this country is basically unnecessary travel. Other countries will suffer more, simply because when travel is done, it usually is much more necessary than the riding around in circles that the US worker has to involve themselves in daily.

So much for the economic bailout plans of the wealthy criminal class

changed prioritiesThey had to give that money away to the super rich now didn’t they? It was to save the poor they said, too. It was to save us all from imminent disaster the pundits and politicians clamored. Political whores… They lied and we didn’t have the organization to do anything about it, having already put all our efforts into getting those most responsible for the mess elected once again! Stupid us.

The US ruling class gave away a trillion, and the Europeans, not to be outdone, tripled that for their elites. Can we all get a refund now? This bailout won’t work, cannot work, simply because it rewards corporate criminality with a big gift, and not the restructuring they all need, part of which would be to jail the White Collar criminals who are still in charge.

The mess is all being blamed on inappropriate leveraging, when the inappropriate leveraging all along has been corporate lobbying and control over the national governments of the US and the European nations. It’s time to get angry, get organized, and change the plans of those who would destroy the planet, let alone merely the economy. It won’t happen without anger and opening our eyes, ears, and minds to new thoughts. Meanwhile we just wait passively for the punishment they are dead set to inflict on us all. We have no plan at all.

Stock markets shoot up as European give aways to super rich go online

champagneThe European countries more than matched the US government give aways to the super rich and as a result, the markets everywhere are celebrating this Grand Theft Robbery today. Wall Street soars 11 percent on bank rescue and Morgan deal

The kingpins think everywhere that its once again clear sailing for them. However, there is eventually a big price for them to pay for all this, as the common folk everywhere will have to begin to suffer because of these handouts of their money, their work, their children’s futures to these financial and government vultures.

With this suffering will come a rising anger about these gargantuan robberies of national and international wealth, when the people themselves need these funds to make a decent society. Never post WW2 has the system of private property run by the super rich spun itself so totally into the wrongest directions. Dead now is the idea of inter-class cooperation within the capitalist markets of the imperialist nations. Many will still support the super rich no matter how far they go with their criminality, but the foundations of that support have been severely undermined.

Further, since no real correction of any of the main problems that the world economy has faced have been put into place, all that has been bought is the smallest increment of time for the capitalist governments to regroup. These markets are eventually going to collapse again, and when they do, what will then be left for the rich folk to plunder to keep their pyramid schemes afloat? Nada.

Obama not to change a thing

military-budgetObama is not going to change a thing and that is not me saying it, but one of Obama’s chief aides, or at least so thinks the Wall Street Journal. OCTOBER 3, 2008 Obama Adviser Doesn’t Expect Defense Cuts

Isn’t that just nice? Here we have all the people screaming before about Bush’s War, and now they are almost all planning to vote for a guy who’s going to keep the War Budget right where it’s at! Why? Well they are Democrats, aren’t they?

This gets even worse when one thinks about what the bloated military budget and the deficit spending keeping it afloat is doing to the American and world economies. Where is Mr. Change here? He is for sinking the US people and the US dollar straight down into the gutter. He is for draining the country of its wealth and putting it into the private hands of a very few. He is for a bloated military. He is for permanent war.

What strikes one about the ruling classes servants, McCain and Obama, is how much alike they really are in their political programs of give away to the super rich. It is no accident that neither had the slightest difference in how they came out to support Bush’s Federal Giveaway program for the looters from the US Treasury. Neither said that they had alternative programs for America that $700,000,000,000 could better be spent upon. Not a whisper of difference between the two. They’re both with the Big Boys.

If you are looking for a move away from US militarism under Obama, then look again. Both the Republicans and Democrats are completely controlled by the military suppliers;companies like Lockheed, Boeing , Northrop, etc. ‘Scrubbing’ them my ass! The only scrubbing that will get done by Obama and his sidekicks will be the American general public and not the military suppliers. I don’t believe he’ll touch them in the least, do you?

Democrats push Bush Treasury giveaway to super rich while Republicans block it

What can be more pathetic and abjectly servile than the Democratic Party seen pushing to pass Bush’s bailout of the bankrupt private sector with public monies, while the Republican Party itself blocks it? And the Republicans are the minority in both the House and Senate, too! See the Denver Post’s GOP rebellion stalls bailout and Reuter’s White House calls in big guns as bailout battle rages Yes, the ‘big guns’ are being turned on the Republican Party resistance and not any resistance from the Democratic Party which is rolling over and playing dead for Bush once again.

Expect the same politics if Obama gets in the White House, since the Democrats are the party of the super rich just as much as the Republicans are. Despite all the pretense of supposedly opposing neocon programs, the Democrats are on board. The financial shenanigans and criminality of Wall Street and the DP response to them is just one more case in point. The Democrats are out to bankrupt the US Treasury arm in arm with Bush and Cheney.

Economic meltdown and the deafening silence of Barack Obama

lipstick pigBarack Obama has had ample opportunity to articulate a different program than George Bush and McCain’s foreign policy of continual war, militarism, and imperialism yet failed to do so. But still possibly some redeeming of his character and political program was possible in regards to domestic issues? However he has completely failed that test, too, and has shown no signs of opposing any of the Bush-McCain agenda to transfer the colossal private debt of America’s private financial institutions onto the Federal Budget itself. In short, he too favors bankrupting the American people as a whole by saddling the American tax payer with private debt run up by the super rich economic elites of our country.

What we have seen is a turn from ‘trickle down’ theorizing by the bought and paid for talking heads of media and business to an open assault on the American people that we should all call and label the Flood Up Economic Doctrine. Instead of just ‘socialism’ for the military industrial complex, we now will see ‘socialism’ being advocated and put into place for the Military industrial financial complex. None of this is socialism, of course, but rather is nothing more than corporate welfare provided by from the money of workers the capitalist class exploits.

Barack Obama is a pig in liberal lipstick here. In fact, women do like him and give more than twice the amount to his campaign as they do to the other campaign with bright red lipstick, the McCain-Palin louts. But there is nothing different about these two groupings, except the label branding. Barack Obama, too, will give away public money to bail out the super rich, though in fact, they will merely sink the American public and provide no real ‘bailout’ at all.

Vote for Obama hoping for some different policies, but it appears that you will become quickly disappointed. It is most probably that Obama and the Democrats will move into the White House, if only because the branding of the McCain ticket is having to cover up the ugliest pig with lipstick on of them all. They are having to paint lipstick on George W. Bush, and that is a sorry sight to the American public by now. Look for further signs of electrical economic collapse in the Whither Forecast for tomorrow.

Gulf Coast poor versus Wall Street RICH

Bailouts for the big boys and slander for the poor! What else is new in America? Not a word in the corporate press about the irresponsible criminal investments by the super rich of the banking and insurance companies, but look how they talk about the supposed irresponsibility of those who chose to try to ride the big storm out? And not one iota of examination of why so many people choose to not physically flee these hurricanes that come their way over and over and over each Hurricane Season?

Who gets the public assistance, too? Most of those that choose not to leave storm areas do so because they simply don’t have the savings to just drop everything and run. Whether people run or not who comes to their aid? And who comes to the aid of the rich with their bad investments? It’s two different stories now.

Our hurricane emergency systems seem to have much in common with those of Haiti. You’re on your own, Suckers! ‘Cause the good old government of the USA is way too busy invading and occupying other countries to actually provide people inside our country with the necessary relocation and re-development funds to adequately protect themselves. It’s too busy bailing out the Big Boys. In short, it’s just too busy saving the wolves and killing the sheep. Thank much about you and your family? Not likely.

WaMu shares fall from $39 to $2 in one year

wallstreetThe Domino Theory at work! Next to fall- Washington Mutual. Nothing related to Vietnamese Communism at all, but to American capitalism itself.

And what does Wall Street and Washington, D.C. advocate now? Why socialism! They advocate socialism for themselves,The Rich, where profits are privatized for the super elites and losses are socialized for the poor to pay the costs of bad business dealings done by private owners. They call that ‘bailout’.

So if we are to have this form of socialism in place in the US one begins to wonder about having a much different form of Socialist Movement return to the scene, where benefits are privatized and the super rich must pay their fair costs to a society that they have been looting from? Well why not? Why should government always be benefiting only the rich, where corporate corruption allows Big Business to seize control of the government to use only for themselves?

Also, we need to ask ourselves whether Big Business will ever care for Nature? The answer seems obvious that NO it will not, since looting nature is part of the essential business ethic of making profit for owners at the expense of others (workers and Nature).

Yes, Socialism is back and we need to see that it is not the National Socialism of the rich for the rich that shall predominate, but rather Socialism of those who do the work for those who do the work, that is put into effect. Because one way or the other, it is what’s now on the agenda. After WaMu, which next? The corporate-run government is bankrupting itself to stop bankruptcy! The FDIC will have to spend another $20 billion if this bank blows bringing itself almost to the point of insolvency. The money for bailouts and bankruptcies is not endless.

US government to nationalize basic financial industry

You know things are getting bad with the economy when the capitalist US government starts to nationalize industries! But that’s what the Bush Team is going to be doing, alongside their usual supporting cast of Democratic Party politician hacks chipping in, too. See U.S. to take control of mortgage giants: reports

They called it ‘conservatorship’ to keep from using the word ‘nationalize’, but it is one and the same thing. And for sure, the one and same people who will be behind nationalizing the debt ridden Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac con artists will be bad mouthing Hugo Chavez when he nationalizes industries in Venezuela. There is one big difference between US and Venezuelan nationalizations though, and that is that the US government will be doing it to help the super rich, whereas Venezuela will be nationalizing industries to help out the poor working classes of that country.

Capitalism is killing all life

A book I read 35 years ago was titled ´Let Them Live´and made a big impression on me at the time, though it is now out of print. The book had me asking myself, just what was it that had humankind exterminating life on this planet? I came to the conclusion that it was the modern capitalism that was touted then as now as being an effecient economic system as opposed to others that humans could choose. We haven´t changed the system though, and in the 35 years since I read ´Let Then Live´, humankind has eliminated 1/3 of bio-diversity while efficiently trashing the planet. An Epidemic of Extinctions: Decimation of Life on Earth

Overpopulation alone is not the cause of the biological and ecological destruction of this planet, but the poor economic organization of people is. Articles that merely blame the ecological crisis we all face on overpopulation, just do not go to the heart of the problem and offer little solution with their wrong emphasis on there supposedly just being way too many people around. The planet can support large numbers of humans, but not economically organized by us humans in the destructive world capitalist form of production currently running society for the super rich.

Losing Paraguay and Nepal

The Empire is losing control. The Maoists won the elections in Nepal (a country of 20,000,000 plus) last week, and now tonight, Paraguay has swung Left, too. Where will all the Nazis and aging monarchs like King Gyanendra of Nepal hang out now? Opposition victorious in Paraguay

And the US Right Wing thought The International Left was down for good, but they haven’t seen anything yet. It is only the US population that is still in a deep sleep. With the arrival of higher gas prices and unemployment just around the corner, this country may soon join the rest of the world in anger at the status quo of the super rich that has benefited only the super rich..

Greens and the energy companies

Everybody says they’re for helping out the environment these days, and yet nobody seems to be for protecting the environment that much. After all, who is going to say they are for dumping a pile of personal refuse into the middle of the city park, so to speak?

The most prolific talkers about the need to save the environment are the supporters of the world wide Green Party Movement. This political movement was formed because neither the Marxists nor the capitalists of the world seemed to take the issue seriously enough. Still, today the real issue is, does the Green Movement itself take saving the environment all that seriously? Unfortunately I think that the answer is really… NO, it does not. Why is that conclusion warranted?

Let’s take a look at the energy companies and the Green Movement, for example, and what do all the Green supporters always seem to advocate? They basically seem to advocate nothing. They usually talk about finding new non-polluting energy sources and turning to that as replacement for oil, coal, and nuclear. They advocate that individuals use less energy personally. They advocate less personal consumerism, but they don’t advocate much any real change in the structure of who runs the energy businesses, which is in private hands.
Is that really advocating for protecting the environment in a serious manner?

These energy companies are monstrous in size and are the major multi-nationals in the world. Can their structure just be allowed to stay as it is now, and the earth can be protected by that? Are these energy companies in private hands going to respond to reason and turn to ‘clean’ fuels in lesser amounts? We have to keep in mind that the rest of the multi-nationals demand humongous amounts of energy to be supplied to them for production, transportation, and sales.

Demanding that individuals reduce personal consumption while humongous multi-nationals should merely remain organized as they are is not a serious plan to combat ecological disintegration. Where is the Green Movement’s call to take these companies out of private hands and control their management so that profit making is not their single orientation? Have we missed something here, because allowing private ownership of multi-national energy corporations is not going to conserve Earth?

The Greens have to do what many countries have had to do in the past to be a movement that can seriously change the world. Many countries when confronted by huge multi-nationals that wanted to merely loot national resources and make a profit off that, nationalized these companies. They took them over and took back some of the loot taken into private hands by the super rich. It was necessary to do so, just as it is still necessary to do this with today’s humongous energy conglomerates. In short, the Green Movement must stop just making demands that individual peons change their consumer habits, and demand that energy multi-nationals be nationalized.

The Green Movement, to save Earth’s ecology, has to change from being a group of nice individuals talking intellectually about good things, and become a Movement that has serious demands that can actually effect serious change if implemented. Nationalize the energy multi-nationals now!

Think that costs too much in the long run? Then think some about how these companies have directed the spending of $2 1/2 trillion dollars PLUS into occupying Iraq and Afghanistan? Save some money and help save the planet from non-sustainable production directed by private owners looting Earth for private profit.

Mexico’s most corrupt political figure cheats again

Poor Roberto Madrazo. He and his political party, the PRI of Mexico, together epitomize what corruption is all about. Corruption is like a bad habit with them that is endemic to how that party has always functioned and all that the PRI is about.

Roberto Madrazo is only the last gangster in a long line of PRI politicos who have enriched themselves, the gringos to the North, and a very few super rich Mexican industrialists at the expense of millions upon millions of common Mexican folk.

Madrazo thought he was owed the Mexican presidency through the deals he made within the top political class misleadership, but he in fact had become expendable for the other gangsters he had negotiated with. Just last year he wrote a book talking about this betrayal. He thought that Mexico itself had been betrayed by a cabal by this cabal not allowing him to get into Los Pinos, the Mexican White House. But he was the worst of the worst, and the stink of his campaign was just too much to make him desirable to the elites for becoming the front piece for the Mexican establishment.

Here is Madrazo’s latest escapade in the news. Mexico politician denies cheating It’s just too funny for words. In fact, it reminds us of some of the political clowns we have here in the USA.

Breaking note… a huge statue of Vicente Fox just put up hours earlier in Mexico was roped and then toppled down to the ground! We can do the same in the US if we try! If they put up a statue of Donald Rumsfield at Stanford University, it should be toppled, too!

Jena style legalized lynching is as American as apple pie, unfortunately

Millions of people around our country are legally lynched by the legal system. Some live through it, but most have their lives damaged, destroyed, and otherwise taken away from them in part or in entirety.

The whole country knows this simple truth, but many people favor just that and keep the wheels of this legalized lynching machine constantly well oiled with their support.

Many are folk like our local rag, The Gazette, which for reasons of local political expediency ran a picture of Thursday’s march for The Jena 6 big on the front page. This is what keeps the paper in decent standing with the local NAACP chapter, which has a heavily military influenced leadership.

The Gazette wants to not endanger that constituency’s tolerance for the paper’s Business as Usual support for the US War Machine, but The Gazette editorial staff along with the whole US chain of Right Wing papers called ‘Freedom Publishing’, doesn’t care a damn about stopping legal lynching, whether in Jena, Louisiana or anywhere else. They really don’t want racial justice, they just want the social tranquility where Black folk accept their own political dominance by others.

In fact, the editorial staff at The Gazette are big proponents of continuing all the current legal injustice now totally codified in America’s courts. They are big proponents for ‘law and order’ when used against the lower classes, and against all Law and Order when directed at the fat cats who are primarily rich White men. The local NAACP will never get The Gazette and the fat cats they write opinions for to offer up any more than the most superficial posturing in regards to stopping the racist legal lynching that the Jena 6 case has brought to the fore.

Jena style legalized lynching is as American as apple pie, unfortunately. We need a new America where the legal system is taken away from the control of the super rich and then used by the exploited to stop the super rich’s theft of America’s wealth. We need a racially just America and the legal system as it currently is, is the biggest obstacle to obtaining that goal. It must be totally changed, transformed, and democratized, for as of today democratically controlled it most certainly is not.

Free the Jena Six Now! Stop Legalized Lynching of Black Americans Today!

Also, Prosecutorial Misconduct More Dangerous Than Racism
The Injustice in Jena

An economy gasping for air

Fed move risks long-term pain for short-term gain More cheap credit issued by the Federal Reserve was what drove the stock market rally yesterday. The US has an economy gasping for air.

The Iraq War has been a boondoggle that allowed the major international corporations to loot the American economy while providing no real service to either the Iraqi people or the American.

An economy based on allowing the real estate firms to loot America’s housing stock with cheap and crappy development, allowing the medical supply-insurance firms to loot funds needed for the elderly and the sick, and allowing the War contractors to loot funds from all of our society, but especially funds needed by children and their schools is an economy that can go absolutely nowhere except toward bankruptcy for the majority of the population.

The easy war is no longer going to be so easy for Americans as they now begin to lose their jobs, their mortgaged houses, and their ‘national security’. Why? We let ourselves be suckered into allowing the super rich to direct all our affairs without any brakes on their power.

The bizarre UNICEF report about children’s health

The corporate propaganda machine has been working full blast to convince the public that worldwide children are doing better than ever before! Oh how much progress we are making so goes their chime. As usual, the UN is the fountain of this sort of idiotic ‘positive thinking’ passing itself off as real fact.

This of course goes entirely counter to what Americans know, but a lie, especially a statistical lie, repeated over and over sounds so convincing. Only 10,000,000 kids per year are dying before they reach 5 y/o? Oh how cheering, right? Instead of around 13,000,000 kids dying as in 1990, now they say only 10,000,000 per year die. We’re saving lives, oh yes!

Isn’t this sort of nonsense obscene? 1990 was the time of the dismantling of the social security network of the former Soviet Union. Living standards plummeted for several hundred million. What a base level to now start claiming that great strides in world public health are supposedly now being made. Sure they are….

This report is utter nonsense as it claims great strides are being made yet admits that half the developing world lives without any basic sanitation. And 1,000,000,000 of the world’s population lives on less than $1 per day. Does that seem like a world where solely 10,000,000 kids before age five are losing their lives unnecessarily? Common sense would dictate that that is a totally false and misleading measurement of the numbers.

Liars have so much money to spread their lies with. And those who try to counter the piles of propaganda have so little. Don’t buy such obvious bullshit saying that the world is getting better, when it obviously is not. Even if they repeat this sort of crap over and over and over….

Not only is it not getting better for children these days, we might not even have a world left for them in a generation or two. If we do, it might have hardly any wild animals left alive, and it is likely to be a planet where pollution causes disease everywhere for everybody.

Thank you United Nations for trying to pretend otherwise for the benefit of the super rich who want all to think the present world is just peachy keen. I would expect nothing less from such a US government controlled institution. That is the job of the UN… to massage, message, and manipulate. Save the children because certainly the UN is not going to be doing that by their constant cleanup operations in support of the Pentagon, and with their fudging and fiddling with statistics.

Happy Labor Day

In the news today was a mention of how ‘productive’ the American worker is. Productive for the ruling class, and not for the workers themselves. The American worker works more hours and produces more annual output than any other national work force. Only the Norwegians produce more per hour of work. What does the American worker get for his/her labor?

The American worker gets a stress filled life where his/her kids are increasingly becoming more uneducated, more unruly, and physically sicker than they were even a generation or two ago. The American worker gets a life full of a total lack of appreciation about his/her contributions to keeping the country running. The American worker gets to see his/her work leading to the more and more rapid destruction of the earth’s ecology.

And how grateful or the US super rich for all this work? They don’t even bother to cover the work force with a decent medical plan, now do they! That’s how grateful they are to the worker for his/her work. Work until you drop is their historical message still.

Everywhere their police roam like an occupation army, and prisons fill the landscape more and more like an explosion of poisonous toadstools. Walls are built on the Southern border to keep many foreign workers separated from their families, and these ‘other’ workers are often hunted down as if they were rabbits, and not human beings.

Happy Labor Day! Now let’s get rid of the leeches and criminals that tell us constantly what to do, how to do it, and if it can even be done or not. If we don’t, they will destroy all humanity, humanity both inside us, and all humanity literally.

Let’s create a new civilization where the way to get ‘rich’ is to work, and not to inherit and ‘invest’. That would be a truly happy Labor Day.

Trying to keep ‘Democracy Now’ from sounding too much like PBS news

William Blum is a noted radical commentator, author, and historian. Here is a recent commentary of his about Amy Goodman’s reporting on Cuban ‘dissidents’ just freed by the government there.

Democracy Now!
I’m a fan of Amy Goodman and her morning radio program “Democracy Now”. It consistently covers a wide range of issues of interest to the progressive community and undoubtedly recruits many new members to the cause. But perhaps their range is too wide to expect the Democracy Now! staff to have done all of their homework on all of the issues. Cuba is one such issue where the program tends to stumble. The latest example was on April 26. In the opening news report, Amy informed us: “In Cuba, six dissidents have been released from prison nearly two years after they were jailed. The Cuban government had drawn international condemnation after the jailings in the summer of 2005.”

That was it. CBS or NPR couldn’t have followed the State Department script any better. There must be many thousands in American prisons who could be called “dissidents” for having at one time or another expressed serious disgust with what the US was doing in some part of the world and who had taken part in a protest; or done the same in regard to some vital economic, civil rights, or civil liberties issue at home. “Oh,” you declare, “but they were not imprisoned because of their dissidence.” Yes, that’s true about almost all of them. But it’s also true about almost all Cuban prisoners.

To grasp this, one must first understand the following: The United States is to the Cuban government like al Qaeda is to Washington, only much more powerful and much closer. Since the Cuban revolution, the United States and anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the US have inflicted upon Cuba greater damage and greater loss of life than what happened in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. Cuban dissidents typically have had very close, indeed intimate, political and financial connections to American government officials, particularly in Havana through the American Embassy (the United States Interests Section). Would the US government ignore a group of Americans receiving funds from al Qaeda and/or engaging in repeated meetings with known leaders of that organization inside the United States? In the past few years, the American government has arrested a great many people in the US and abroad solely on the basis of alleged ties to al Qaeda, with a lot less evidence to go by than Cuba has had with its dissidents’ ties to the United States, evidence gathered by Cuban double agents.

From the Bill Blum Report

Last week I spent some of my time listening to ‘dissidents’ from Sudan and Yugoslavia who had come to America who had also allied with the US government’s plans for their regions. We can expect more ‘dissidents’ to come forth from places like Iran and Somalia in the months ahead, too. They will be paraded before the world press and American public, most especially, as they us tell their varying tales of villainy, that somehow must be alleviated principally through our Emperor’s help, and with the help of the Emperor’s troops, too, as enforcers.

While we should not be unsympathetic to their appeals, we should understand that little liberation for the people of the world can be achieved by us in the US allowing our government to act as world ‘policeman’. US ‘policemen’ work for the US super rich ultimately, and not for the oppressed anywhere.

There are much better ways for Americans to support peoples’ rights in other countries than supporting manipulation by the US gangsters now in power in D.C., as they use one group or another against each other in foreign countries. We should reject appeals for foreign interventions with US controlled troops PERIOD, and get our own house in order.