Colorado Springs declared Dog Town USA

COLORADO SPRINGS- Are you hearing it here first?! We witnessed the ceremony at today’s city council meeting, and it was news to them. DOG FANCY MAGAZINE awarded Colorado Springs this year’s title DOG TOWN USA. The decision was based on 27 criteria which measure a dog friendly environment: proportion of hotels which allow dogs, number of restaurants that permit dog dinning, disregard for enforcing leash laws on nature trails, preponderance of female joggers who don’t feel safe outside their homes without a big dog companion, regional shortcoming of beauty and/or character? Compared to the rest, Top Dog Springs knows how to heel!

2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs declared Dog Town USA

  1. Colorado Springs is a dog friendly city and it’s not. Like most rewards to cities about being BEST in something or other, much of the reasons cited for doing so are incorrect. For example here, this is not a city with hotels that are friendly to dog owners.

    When we first arrived to this area a little over 2 years ago we had a dog, and we got rejected by about 12 motels that would not rent a room to us because of that. Not even when we promised to keep the dog in the car would they allow us in their precious rooms! So where in the world does Dog Fancy Magazine get off on the nonsense that there are a lot of hotels that rent rooms to us?

    Still there certainly are a lot of trails that our dog likes to hike with us on so, all in all, CS does come out ahead of almost all other places in that regard and merits this great honor because of it.

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