Country rodeo clown to retire to big city

bushThe news is in that America’s favorite country rodeo clown will be soon retiring from his rural ranch to the big city, so that his lovely little wife can find work at the college liberry of Southern Methodist University. The area of the town will have a country name though…. Preston Hollow… which is an area where skunks have long been known to live and play.

It’s not like it’s a real, really real big city though. It’s just Dallas, Texas and not New Yarrkkk City. This is indeed sad news for Waco that will soon lose its wacko, but the house is already being bought. The retirement plan is a done deed. Anybody plan to buy the ranch yet? I hope it’s not some dirty Arabbb???? Brother, Dave! Watch out for them black helicopters which may soon be flying overhead!

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3 Responses to Country rodeo clown to retire to big city

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    There’s already black helicopters in Dallas and Tarrant counties from the Joint Reserve base and the Federal Penitentiary. (ies)

    And the Denton County Jail being an unofficial Homeland Insecurity victim repository.

    You know, he PROMISED he would personally, if only his wife and dog supported him, stay in Iraq.

    Of course, about an hour after making that pledge to a group of soldiers in the Green Zone he personally LEFT Iraq and the Soldiers Personally (Personnel-ly?) stayed in Iraq.

    His 5-cow ranch was a a joke, just a way to secure a position of political power among the Texas Cattle Raisers and Breeders Association….

    Which in itself lends whole new depth to “Old Boy Country Club” as a concept.

    But when people would ask “5 COWS? Where’s the bull?” and the punch line to that set-up is “just listen to him talk!!”

    The crime rate in the Metroplex is going to rise about 50% just by the presence of him and his Henchmen.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Good grief! White collar crime rising in Dallas by 50%? My God!

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    That and people vandalizing his house and vehicles every chance they get.

    Preston Hollow is kind of hard to sneak into but there’s some who would take the risk.

    Maybe he’ll be sneaking into Ft Worth to relive his Glory Liver Destroying Days.

    Not like he’s a stranger to the gutter.

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