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Muslim Mommas never cry and other heinous lies

What got me started on this offering was a TV show on at midnight, only lasted (from my perspective, because the channel got changed quickly) for about two minutes. The show was about 9/11 survivors. One of them said “That’s the difference between America and everybody else... in America when there’s great tragedy and danger people band together and help each other out”. So that means the only people on the entire surface of the planet where people actually have Human Feelings is in America, and everybody else is incapable of actual humanity. Subhumans in other words. Nothing Racist about that? No Religious bigotry either, like when a Muslim preacher orating at a funeral says the deceased is in Paradise, that’s supposedly cold-hearted brainwashing and encouraging the other members of the congregation to do suicide bombings. When a sold-out Christian Priest, military OR civilian, says that a fallen American soldier is in Heaven, that’s of course not anything to do with glorifying the war that killed the soldier or saying that the cause was just, and righteous, and ordained by God, is it? Especially when so many of these Sold-out Priests actually DO come right out and say that their version of Jihad/Crusade really IS just, righteous, ordained by God... A “Holy” War in other words. The Anti-Islam Pro-Holy War Media break out a doll allegedly given to Palestinian kids with bombs, guns, swords and other knives, with a faction-specific headscarf identifying the doll as being Hamas. and of course, like the funerary eulogy, is “brainwashing the kids to become suicide bombers” while the U.S. version thereof, pictured here, is NOT brainwashing the kids to be Fighter Pilots, Bomber Pilots, Drone Manipulators, Marines, Soldiers and Seamen who use large numbers of heavily armed comrades and high tech weaponry to Kill People using guns, bombs, knives and torture techniques applied to handcuffed prisoners... because, of course, the High-Tech weaponry makes the notion of a Suicide Bomber unnecessary. If other people who don’t have access to a Drone that can be launched from a heavily guarded air force base and controlled by some Coward Punk Uniformed Child sitting at a desk at an air base in Nebraska, use the more “hands on” approach to delivering their ordinance, then THEY are the cowardly ones, right? Teaching uniformed children to use weapons and military techniques and tactics is of course a strictly un-American concept, because we would NEVER do that, including not teaching our kids to use the same skills they would need to manipulate Drone Robot Bombs into the living space of other Human Beings with the purpose of Killing The Other Human Beings, by remote control... No, that’s the province of Other People. When an American Child is killed violently, usually the violence either accidental or deliberate occurs in America. Since by most counts the U.S. majority is White and Christian, that means that the majority of both Victims and Victors would be Christian Whites. Unless you have the silly-ass notion that American Christian

Tea Party and the Confederacy aka KKK

This is a picture of two Confederate flags, the one on the left, is called The Southern Cross. It has religious and Klan significance for people who believe that Christ commanded them to Hate other PEOPLE and, just incidentally, Kill them. This flag shows up more and more frequently at Tea Party rallies. There were a few hundred of them at the DC Tea-Bagging, the one that drew less than 60,000 but the Reich Wing claimed to be in the Millions. Klansmen are notorious for stupidity, and not being able to count is one of their strongest points. They also don't usually know the name of their own Literally God-Damned flag. They continually refer to it as "The Stars and Bars" which is actually the other flag in the picture. For people who say they're re-creating history, well, they are. They're writing a heavily censored version of what they wish history had been. The reality is that these flags, far from being symbols of Liberty, are symbols of Corporate Slavery on a massive level. One which the Confederacy started a war which killed half a million Americans to maintain. "Liberty" for the Very Rich and none at all for either the black slaves or for the White and Indian peoples in the South who were condemned to the same level of poverty and ignorance just by Slavery existing in their midst. Sadly, it's these Cracker Clowns who bore the brunt of the killing. Why? Because then as now, the ancestors of the "Tea Party" and their Corporate Masters suppressed Public Education. Much like their Tantrum in a Teapot about President Obama making a speech on school television. Thus they kept the Commoners STUPID enough to support the cause of "liberty" meaning, the Liberty of the Very Rich to randomly and arbitrarily take away the liberty of anybody else. Much like the asshole Retards in the following picture, giving the Bellamy Salute to their "Christian" flag. And the Flag at the bottom is a satire of the Slavery and Murder "Christian" Flag being flown as part of the State Flag of Georgia. Which I misidentified previously as the state flag of Florida. On  which the former Florida Governor (and son and brother of two presidents) Jeb Bush jumped into the debate claiming it  as being "Not Hate, Heritage". Jeb Bush whom the Tea Party are considering for a run for president in 3 years. See, even some of the Racists are ashamed (at least a little bit) about being Racists.  Not ashamed enough to actually cut the shit out, just enough to realize that other people think it's stupid (because it is) and try to deny the obvious. Dumbshit Hoam Skule Graduates. And to think some people have to go all the way to Egypt to swim in De Nile. Sure it's not "Hate", they don't Hate black folks, it's just they feel that black PEOPLE are inferior, not really human and should be forced into slave labor, and killed if they resist. That's their heritage. Mine

Tea Party Patriot robes for tiny pee pees

COLORADO SPRINGS- This year for Halloween I'm dressing up like yokel heroes Sean Paige, Richard Randall, Tom Gallagher, and Doug Lamborn, the rabble-rousers behind our local Teabag mobs. They're reveling in the white man anger, against immigrants, ACORN, and taxes for social programs, laughing off accusations of being racist, while probably praying to God their mob doesn't seize upon a passing African American and lynch him. Until recently a Halloween costume like this would have been mistaken to be a ghost, but for the resurgent ugly white man. The Pikes Peak region was crawling with KKK members in the 1930s, and during the Bush years their sons and grandsons snuck to the Texas border to join the Klan's modern incarnation The Minutemen. With a black president clouding the horizon, suddenly these same men and women are rallying. At a recent public meeting, Representative Lamborn chuckled about his fellow malcontents rising up, at "I guess we call them, Tea Parties." A heckler cried out "Clan Rallies." The Lamborn crowd booed, but I bet most of them still have their fathers' robes.

Great Moments in Tea Party History p.1

COLO. SPRINGS-- Our city council is holding a special meeting this evening to address budget cuts to affect city services. Accustomed to the usual petitioners upset about lost bus routes and closed community centers, councilman Tom Gallagher wants to hear from the other side. He's put out the call to see the anti-tax fervor which has delighted him at the local Tea Party rallies. Gallagher and Lamborn at yesterday's town hall, seem to feel buoyed by this rising tide of white ignorant arrogance, an uncharitable anger at immigrants, social welfare and the black man who "occupies the White House."

Top 10 secret armies of the CIA

Found this on the web, will try to retrace provenance, worth a read: The United States have a well known history of providing military support to countries in need. But from time to time, the US Government has provided secret forces. While many are successful, there have also been a number of failures. This is a list of the ten top secret armies of the CIA. 1. Ukrainian Partisans From 1945 to 1952 the CIA trained and aerially supplied Ukranian partisan units which had originally been organised by he Germans to fight the Soviets during WWII. For seven years, the partisans, operating in the Carpathian Mountains, made sporadic attacks. Finally in 1952, a massive Soviet military force wiped them out. 2. Chinese Brigade in Burma After the Communist victory in China, Nationalist Chinese soldiers fled into northern Burma. During the early 1950s, the CIA used these soldiers to create a 12,000 man brigade which made raids into Red China. However, the Nationalist soldiers found it more profitable to monopolise the local opium trade. 3. Guatemalan Rebel Army After Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz legalised that country’s communist party and expropriated 400,000 acres of United Fruit banana plantations, the CIA decided to overthrow his government. Guatemalan rebels were trained in Honduras and backed up with a CIA air contingent of bombers and fighter planes. This army invaded Guatemala in 1954, promptly toppling Arbenz’s regine. 4. Sumatran Rebels In an attempt to overthrow Indonesian president Sukarno in 1958, the CIA sent paramilitary experts and radio operators to the island of Sumatra to organise a revolt. With CIA air support, the rebel army attacked but was quickly defeated. The American government denied involvement even after a CIA b-26 was shot down and its CIA pilot, Allen Pope, was captured. 5. Khamba Horsemen After the 1950 Chinese invasion of Tibet, the CIA began recruiting Khamba horsemen - fierce warriors who supported Tibet’s religious leader, the Dalai Lama - as they escaped into India in 1959. These Khambas were trained in modern warfare at Camp Hale, high in the rocky mountains near Leadville, Colorado. Transported back to Tibet by the CIA operated Air American, the Khambas organised an army number at its peak some 14,000. By the mid-1960s the Khambas had been abandoned by the CIA but they fought on alone until 1970. 6. Bay of Pigs Invasion Force In 1960, CIA operatives recruited 1,500 Cuban refugees living in Miami and staged a surprise attack on Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Trained at a base in Guatemala, this small army - complete with an air force consisting of B-26 bombers - landed at the Bay of Pigs on April 19, 1961. The ill-conceived, poorly planned operation ended in disaster, since all but 150 men of the force were either killed or captured within three days. 7. L’armee Clandestine In 1962, CIA agents recruited Meo tribesmen living in the mountains of Laos to fight as guerrillas against Communist Pathet Lao forces. Called l’armee Clandestine, this unit - paid, trained, and supplied by the CIA - grew into a 30,000 man force. By 1975

Re-enacting and Celebrating Genocide… Just Like Skokie…

As immortalized in the classic Film "The Blues Brothers" where a group of dim-wits put on Historically Authentic Military Uniforms (of the SchutzStaffel) and marched through a largely Jewish suburb of Chicago. So, on Territory Days, can those of us who are of Indian descent expect to see these guys celebrating the American Genocide? Now, I KNOW somebody will point out that there are still American Indians alive today. And say that therefore the Genocide and the attempted full-on Extermination of AMERICANS never happened. Like the Smallpox Blankets, or herding the Indians onto the U.S. version of the Warsaw Ghetto, the mass slaughter of the American Bison (Buffalo, TaTonka...) encouraged and enforced by the U.S. Army in a policy to starve out the plains tribes. Colonels Custer and Chivington both making the statement that killing the women and children was necessary because "nits make lice" and killing off the men without slaughtering the women and children would be a waste of time, you have to kill the Breeders. And in a way, they're almost right. The bastards FAILED... we're still here in spite of the Mass Murders. By the same token, if they want to judge the U.S. Genocide as "false" on those grounds they would have to judge the Nazi Genocide as "false" And they can dress up and pretend to be the perpetrators of the Racist Murders and laugh and joke and pretend that it was somehow righteous... But there will be some, especially ME right here, right now.... Who will call you on it, and remind you that such displays are like these... Might I remind gently that the largest actions the Klan has staged in the past three decades have been attempts to terrorize Native Americans and Immigrants by putting on Period Costumes And marching through the towns, villages and neighborhoods where we live. Like Old Colorado City... where I personally live. Have a Nice Skokie/Selma/Birmingham...

Suddenly colored television

Immediately after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the term "Nine Eleven" was already tripping off the tongues of TV talking heads as if it was more natural than saying "last Monday," or "last week Monday," before even we knew the attack was not going to last several days. The day after the election of Barack Obama, a suddenly large proportion of the TV talking heads were black, overnight, like it had become some sort of costume party theme. Television has become colorized, and much more vigorously than Ted Turner might have ever intended. Have you noticed? On post-Bush television, Black is the new focus of equal-time. When pundits are summoned, now there's a black person among them. Nothing wrong with this development. Whatever years of seasoning these new African-American faces may lack, they make up for by being visibly brighter than the vacuous white-breads they replaced. There must be an entire class of Anglo-Saxon communication majors who are lamenting the great lost entitlement of 2009. It's a fine development, though certainly limited in its generosity. The proportion of African Americans to the total population, is vastly smaller than the new TV ratio. Conversely, over half the US public is progressive. But still almost zero percent of the corporate media personalities reflect that. Where did all these colored faces come from? Had they been training in the wings, for just this contingency? It's a wise move on the part of the networks. President Obama and his family would be looking pretty dark against the sea of white Washington DC. Someone could confuse him for security or kitchen staff, but for the media framing of black commentators to remind White America that there is no cause to panic, the new American lens is colorblind. It should be, but is it? White man still looks upon dark-skinned people as requiring domination. American urban blacks are to incarcerate, African blacks are to rescue, and insurgent/Muslim/pirate blacks are to lynch. I'm not sure we don't really long to lynch the bunch of them, if AIDS isn't thinning their number fast enough for our taste. Obama meanwhile is the black man we invite to dinner. And these colored teevee folk too. They're not poor blacks after all. They're the Thomas Sowells, Uncle Toms, educated reformed black people. Rich black people are the new lawn jockeys. Okay, so the corporate media wants to project an urbane sophistication about integrating racial harmony into its facade. We hope, I suppose, that by portraying it so, they can make it so. I think we have to wonder if that's the real manipulation. The day after September 11, the term "Nine Eleven" was coined before most of us knew what even happened. Flights were grounded anticipating more attacks. How curious that the experts were calling it "9/11" when it might still have turned out to be 9/11 - 17 or other. They'd gotten the memo about how to frame the "world-changing" development, complete with its catchy catchphrase. Obama is just such another media campaign,

Barack the Magic Terrorist

Barack the Magic Terrorist, will live in D.C., and all his fans act like the man just cannot talk or even see. (at least before he is inaugurated) Yes, that's right. Shame on them, too! The real scandal is not that a Republican top shit is playing around again with that Puff the Magic Dragon parody of Obama made by some KKK type defect, but that the whole Democratic Party leadership assembled around Barack Obama have just sat back and not said one damn word as Israel has been doing the US State Terrorism act for them in Gaza. They are clones of Dubya and Dick when it comes to foreign policy, and domestic as well. Barack is The Magic Terrorist since he is BLACK. Oh! That excuses everything, does it not? Pardon me, but am I missing something here? The Republicans tried that Black face schtick with Rice, Thomas, and Powell, but hey! ...those Democratic Party voters are just too damn smart and saw through it all! FAILURE But change the party label and throw in Barack The Magic Terrorist's favorite magic word, CHANGE, and hey! got an American public trying to play stupid once again. Come on, Boys and Girls! Barack and His Klan... Oh, I'm sorry... I meant His Homies... can do some wrong now, by simply staying utterly silent as they are doing completely. Is that change? Is silence in the defense of Israeli terrorism something new? Am I missing something? Barack can't open his mouth and voice disagreement with the Bush Administration because it is too early in January to do so? He hasn't taken office yet and blah, blah, blah? Can Barack the Magic Terrorist get away with this shit because, you the American people still want to play stupid some more? I'll be damned! Don't you get tired of doing that? Don't you ever get tired of war and bloodshed? Don't you ever get tired of being moral cretins? Don't you ever get tired of being yanked around? It's a new year and no change is yet to be seen... Americans just have not changed.

Country rodeo clown to retire to big city

The news is in that America's favorite country rodeo clown will be soon retiring from his rural ranch to the big city, so that his lovely little wife can find work at the college liberry of Southern Methodist University. The area of the town will have a country name though.... Preston Hollow... which is an area where skunks have long been known to live and play. It's not like it's a real, really real big city though. It's just Dallas, Texas and not New Yarrkkk City. This is indeed sad news for Waco that will soon lose its wacko, but the house is already being bought. The retirement plan is a done deed. Anybody plan to buy the ranch yet? I hope it's not some dirty Arabbb???? Brother, Dave! Watch out for them black helicopters which may soon be flying overhead!

WE THE PEOPLE are now nothing more than an ATM for the filthy-rich

WimpoCrats loudly declare there will be NO change. You might as well have voted Republican! I always suspected Mormons are inherently terrorists! Secret Service blames Sarah Palin (KKK Party) for death threats against Obama. mKKKain supporters burning crosses to protest Obama win. Cindy McCain caught having an affair with another maverick? Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to enslave all Gentiles age 18 to 25. I would warn all Palestinians to flee before the ultra-Zionist Emanuel has them rounded up into concentration camps, too. With his appointment, the US President has become little more than a puppet of the ZioNazi state of Israel. The French Revolution was right. We need more guillotines! Sarah Palin says God will help her decide about running for President in 2012. [1][2][3] Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Nov 13 notes,

Great Democratic Disappointment begins

The Honeymoon is Over, America Wakes Up to No Change Obama. O's cabinet is starting to look a lot like W's. Obama making ultra-zionist wacko Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff is nothing less than a blatant in-your-face declaration that there can be NO peace in the Middle East while Obama is president. Ws in disguise. After voters give Obama a landslide victory, Democrats declare they do NOT have a mandate for change! Faux journalist Chris Matthews declares he will be Obama's bitch. Billionaire casino owner (once the third richest man in the USA) and backer of Ultra Reich Wing causes, now bankrupt. Is Bush planning a false-flag terrorist attack before Obama is inagurated? You betcha! KKK News mocks African American tears at Obama's victory speech. mKKKain supporters display nooses in response to Obama win. AntiChrist Dobson compares Obama win to Hitler's destruction of Britain. Sarah Palin apparently purloined those ritzy clothes, the GOP has sent lawyers to Alaska to demand their return. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Nov 7 notes,

Scary negro seen approaching the White House. Details at 11 on Fox News.

"When I hear `Republican' these days, the words that comes to my mind are: arrogance, ignorance, and just plain dumbness. Religious fundamentalists have become the bedrock of the Bush presidency. Today, 44-50% of Republican voters call themselves born-again Christian fundamentalists who believe every word of the Bible is true. Their most urgent foreign policy goal is to recreate Biblical Israel so their Messiah can return and destroy the planet. " --Eric Margolis The Sarah Palin Chronicles: McCain campaign insider called Sarah and Todd “Wasilla Hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus coast to coast”, and another said that she didn't even know Africa was a continent, not a country, and couldn't even name all three countries in North America. mKKKain supporters burn black church in retaliation for Obama win. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Nov 6 notes,

Forget Joe the Plumber, the only person McCain represents is Jack the Lobbyist

"I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - President Thomas Jefferson, 1802 Bigots for McCain! RepubliKKKans caught hanging Obama in effigy on University of Kentucky campus. Palin must be so proud. Two arrested in Republican plot to assassinate Obama. Al Qaeda Endorses McCain! I'm starting to feel a little sorry for the McCain campaign. He's senile, and now she's gone completely off the reservation. EXPOSED: SARAH PALIN ADMITS SHE'S IS A COMMUNIST! Sarah Palin: ready to become Dick Cheney on day 1. She rigged bidding on $40B pipeline so it would go to her cronies. Poll: Obama has highest approval ratings of any candidate in 28 years. Palin has the lowest, ever. Senior Republican figures predict historic landslide for Obama. Former Bush speechwriter says McCain is taking the entire GOP down with him. Break out the bubbly! Vile heterofascist Marilyn Musgrave’s campaign is tanking. Bush appointed Fed Chair endorses Obama. Unhinged Republicans now claiming Obama is a Devil worshiper! Call me paranoid if you want, but I have a hard time believing that Cheney has any intention of leaving office on January 20th, exposing himself to criminal prosecution for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and treason against the US Constitution. And McCain is just waaayyy too confident, considering the polls. November 4 is when things start to get a little dicey in our "democracy." US blackmails Iraq, will shut down entire country if they won't sign agreement letting us continue genocidal occupation for 3 more years. (Excerpts from Oct 31 notes of Thomas MC.)

Monday OCT 20 election rescue mission

HELLO COLORADO SPRINGS- How is this for a busy Monday? 6AM-8:00AM -Sky Sox Stadium: welcome chorus for Sarah Palin 9AM - County Commission: public comment on Bob Balink abuses 12AM - Monday noon antiwar vigil (half-hour PEACE break!) 12:30AM-2PM - CC student EARLY VOTING MARCH downtown I can't say I can remember a Monday I've anticipated more! If you like to engage in appropriate public displays of self-righteous behavior, you couldn't ask for bigger assholes to target. Sarah Palin and Bob Balink, no kidding, they are two sides of the same, one sided wooden nickel! A BUFFOONALO nickel? Wouldn't "ignorant, incompetent, mean-spirited, ethically-challenged and liar" fit both of them? - 6AM (Sky Sox Stadium) Wear white to make the supporters wearing red look bloody. The Colorado Women Against Palin are planning an action. Here are some ideas for suggested signs to welcome Sarah Palin, the GOP's under-vetted KKK/secessionist/puritanic/greed/corruption/doofus candidate: GO, SARAH, GO; HOME, SARAH, HOME! ALASKANS PLEASE IMPEACH YOUR CORRUPT GOVERNOR! RACIST BIGOT, YOU BETCHA! SILENCE THE VIOLENCE WE DON'T NEED THE KKK I CAN SEE THE END OF YOUR POLITICAL CAREER FROM MY HOUSE POLAR BEAR MOMS SAY NO TO PALIN CORRUPTION IS NOT PATRIOTIC McSHAME ON PALIN LYING IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE HEEL YOU MESSIANIC FREAK PALIN: ELECT ME - I'LL SELL THE CONSTITUTION ON EBAY TROOPERGATE ABUSE: BAD DOG SARAH Check the Denver protest for more ideas. - 9AM (El Paso County Commission meeting) Suggested message to Clerk & Recorder Bob Balink, to challenge his every-election-year counter-democracy unfunny illegal pranks. ARREST BOB BALINK FOR VOTER INTIMIDATION! SUPPRESSING THE VOTE IS UNDEMOCRATIC

Oval Office is NOT an Alzheimers Ward!

Their surge failed. GOP retreats from Colorado invasion, and preparing for a crushing defeat everywhere. Treasury Secretary, now in charge of bailout, says he "regrets" being 100% wrong about US economy. Say it ain't so, Joe "the Plumber" purged from voter rolls by GOP attempts to block voting? Conservative Washington Post endorses Obama. "I'm John McCain, and you WILL listen to me!" In Missouri, RepubliKKKans have gone from burning crosses, to burning Obama signs. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Oct 17 notes,

John McCain is not George W. Bush. He’s Dick Cheney.

John McCain's constant reference in the debate was Joe the Plumber, who it turns out is really Joe the Tax Dodger. Todd Palin ineligible for security clearance due to his terrorist connections? Sarah Qualin thinks New Hampshire is "part of the Great Northwest." Russians invade Alaska, Palin unaware. Secret Service investigating terrorist threat to assassinate Obama at Palin rally. NeoNazi Rush "KKK" Limbaugh says black people are terrorists planning to destroy America. There is nothing more racist than a Republican. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Oct 16 notes,

Come march in favor of elections for all

ON MONDAY OCTOBER 20th, at 12:30pm, Colorado College students will hold a PUBLIC MARCH to mark the first day of EARLY VOTING in the 2008 presidential election. Students will assemble at Worner Center, and march straight downtown to the El Paso County Registrar. This action will call attention to the need to go early to the polls, in case voters encounter challenges to their registrations. I'm more encouraged simply that students are taking to the streets because I believe, like Emma Goldman, "If voting could change anything, it would be illegal." Would Goldman be so revered a social reformer if people didn't recognize, deep down, the wisdom of her words? Students at Colorado College have in years past faced regular disenfranchisement at the voting booth because local election administrators chose to muddy the qualifications for whether out-of-state students could vote in El Paso County. This year, plans to enforce a similar policy were leaked, and the county was forced to deny its intentions. As yet, student organizers do not know what to expect on November 4. In the past, El Paso County has been such a God-forsaken Republican bastion that election rigging was probably unnecessary. It's conjectured that this year, facing a growing Democratic electorate, local officials will be so eager for the region to hold to its conservative-idiot tradition that they will justify any means to do it. I've seen the Republican partisanship on display at even ordinary county meetings. The Clerk and Recorder, Bob Balink for example, wears his Republican allegiance like a soccer fan. It would be no exaggeration I'm sure to speculate that Bob Balink will bite off your left foot sooner than let progressive ideas contaminate his hillbilly heaven. He travels to the Denver legislature on a regular basis to report back about what the crazy Democrats are trying to do. Every county commission meeting begins with his scouting tips about what progressive threats his Republican colleagues face over the horizon. Conservatism in Colorado Springs stands for cronies, imbecilic cretins and the clan. In the 1930s the Pikes Peak region was the Colorado stronghold of the Klan. I've no doubt a lot of these guys still have their clan robes. In fact most recently the Minutemen, the post-9/11 incarnation of the KKK, held its recruitment meetings in a Colorado Springs Police Substation community room. It included, I kid you not, a recruiting inducement lifted verbatim and without irony, from the KKK. Maybe a daylight demonstration of public unwillingness to be represented by bigots --who continue to parade about as if their support is unanimous-- will push their politics back into the stagnant backwater of their fenced no-immigrants-welcome backyards where it belongs.

Greed is the God of Capitalism

John McCain, seriously out of touch. McCain claims his Nazi rhetoric is acceptable, because he was a POW 40 years ago. They should just call it what it is: the KKK Party. The German Nazi Party is starting to look tame compared to the vile fascist bigotry of the GOP. Americans' BS Detectors Off Charts With Palin, by Garrison Keillor It was dishonest, cynical men who put forward a clueless young woman for national office, hoping to juice up the ticket, hoping she could skate through two months of chaperoned campaigning, but the truth emerges: The lady is talking freely about matters she has never thought about. The American people have an ear for B.S. They can tell when someone's mouth is moving and the clutch is not engaged. When she said, "One thing that Americans do at this time, also, though, is let's commit ourselves just every day, American people, Joe Sixpack, hockey moms across the nation, I think we need to band together and say never again. Never will we be exploited and taken advantage of again by those who are managing our money and loaning us these dollars," people smelled gas. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Oct 12 notes,

The Economic Meltdown Was Staged As an Act of Class War

Free Levi! The Kleptocrats are pulling the biggest heist in world history. They created money out of nothing, and are now dumping all that worthless paper on the taxpayers. The Robber Barrons took the money and ran, and are now planning their next, even bigger, heist. Even arch conservative Bill Kristol is balking at the trillion dollar heist being pulled on the taxpayer. And he isn't the only one. Know them by their fruits. McCain's campaign manager made $2 million blocking regulations for the mortgage "industry." McCain: "I’m glad I deregulated Wall Street." Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary told Senate on Friday that complete meltdown of our entire financial system is just days away. Or, as John McCain would say, "the fundamentals of our economy are strong." Just not in our favor. And their "rescue plan" is likely to finish off our economy all together. All because, 8 years ago, half the voters thought it would be cute to vote for the guy they'd like to have a beer with. Maybe America deserves to fail. Bare market. Fed moves to rescue Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. USA is collapsing just like USSR. It's now unavoidable, the only question is, what comes after? John McCain (KKK Party) scapegoats blacks for financial crisis. Oh, and BTW, Obama is black, so he must be in cahoots! Non-elitist John McCain owns THIRTEEN cars. One swindle after another. McCain thinks a market-based reform of the health care crisis is called for, since that worked so well with Wall St. Saturday Night Live skit reveals the truth about the McCain campaign better than all the news networks combined. Judge orders Cheney to preserve records. As if he's ever obeyed the law before. NASA to hold press conference Tuesday about death of our solar system. Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Sept 22 notes,

Hunt Down and Prosecute the Republican Terrorist Party

McCain Family Values. John McCain offers wife in topless contest to win votes.   Jesus for President? Not if the fundies have anything to say about it! Closeted FL governor endorses anti-gay marriage amendment. I can hardly wait for the shit to hit the fan on this one. Cofounder of Word Perfect donates $1M to fight anti gay marriage proposition in Calif. KKKountry singer Toby Keith attacks Obama for acting too white. FUTK. Your voice cannot be heard in Denver. No-Longer-Democratic Party wins lawsuit, can prevent dissent at convention by caging protesters out of sight. Remind me again why a liberal would ever vote for them? Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's notes Aug 7,

Cop torturing by taser gets a little out of hand down South

Yes, once again it is the State of Louisiana, which is the state the whole country has fallen into in actuality. Cop torture by taser gets yet more bad press, but cops like to torture at times, and here in Colorado Springs these cops have tasers, too. Dead Black Man Was Tasered Nine Times by White Cop I mean you might have not even heard about this story, what with the press having to spend so much time talking about Commander-in-Chief-Wannabe Obama's tour of the war lands? Why do Americans not protest these tortures by cops using taser? This is what the thugs at the top call 'Homeland Security'? It seems like we're getting National Insecurity worse than Obama Bin Laden ever could have delivered. And let's face it, being Black has gotten much more dangerous lately in this country not less. Blacks just don't have as much money, poverty is a crime, and crime gets you tortured by cop tasers here in America the Beautiful. Let's register these Black people by way of the criminal injustice system. Put a brand on them why not? Baron 'Scooter' Pikes you had a bad attitude! See what you done? Now Taser International PR will have to work overtime to help the National Security State 'protect life', trademark impending. Snappy music on the site there, Dudes. So let's go torture! Got any more spare Black folk to electrocute? Long live the South! The KKK lives on! Ain't that sweet? Department of Homeland Security? What a damn joke... What a Frankenstein this country is on tasers.

‘American Owned’?- racism on Route 66

You know the routine. You've driven 400-500 miles and are so tired you can barely move. Time to find a room so you pull into the first motel you see. And there's that big nasty sign.... AMERICAN OWNED ... in the window. OK, I admit it. At times, I eat at McDonalds and shop at WalMart, but one thing I try never to do is to stay at a hotel with that overt racist flag out front. In fact, I always ask the Indian hotel owners and managers elsewhere if they will fix me some Indian food if I smell it in the air. I don't want to help out any of those 'American Owned' assholes with their stupid nativist racism. 'American' born they may be, but so are all members of the KKK, too. I prefer hard working immigrants to American born that try to appeal to the basest instincts in the worst amongst us. Long live all the hard working immigrants of all nationalities amongst us. They are what make America so much better than it would be if we were nothing more than a homogenous bloc of stupid, ingrown twits. Viva variedad!

Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad antiJewish?

We have on this blog, a comment made by a Zionist who identified himself with the name of the president of Iran. Coward. As such, he is imitating the Jewish comedian Sasha Cohen's character who represents himself as a backward Muslim named 'Borat'. I am old enough to remember that this was the style in Southern KKK circles, too. Some White KKKers and other White racists found it fantastically funny to burlesque Blacks by giving themselves nicknames which were considered at the time as being Black names. They would then play at being 'niggers' as they called the victims of their racist abuse. In like manner, a couple of years ago I participated in a heavily Israeli loaded MSN newsgroup where a lot of Israeli IDF types were sending in pictures from Israel along with their racist antiArab/ antiMuslim vitriol. The most obnoxious of these stone cold thugs called himself 'Abbas', the name of the, at that time, new Palestinian Authority president. He just thought it such a laugh to be a racist Jewish killer and to be writing under the e-nickname 'Abbas'. So here is an interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Judge for yourself who is the more odious racist, our anonymous Zionist poster, or the person he is making fun of?

Saddam Hussein Show Trials Highlight US as Land of Kafkaesque Law

How many show trials must the US engage in to totally make itself an international mockery? The American government specialty seems to be to illegally invade another country like Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia or Iraq, and then to have a farcical trial of the deposed leaders afterwards. And the trials keep getting more bizarre and despicable. Milosevic died during his trial under somewhat shady circumstance, but that is nothing compared to the charade of justice that Hussein has been subjected to. Three defense lawyers murdered, judges shuffled in and out every other month, and the torture of being force fed through the nose for several weeks during a hunger strike. Even his 'arrest' was hyper hype, as he was caught by Kurds and then put in a hole disheveled so that the Americans could claim to have caught him living like a troll! Photo op time, embeds! And now, 2 days after receiving the death penalty he's put back on trial in another court to defend himself from receiving the death penalty yet again. I don't know if Dick Cheney would consider that torture, but most people would certainly feel that it was. Even in the despicable US death rows like in Texas, there has not been this sort of nonsense seen before. Are two trials enough here? What next, the lynching done with KKK robes designed for the executioners and a burning cross on display? And how about a thousand and one trials for Hussein, and not just two? A move for dismissal now, Judge. He just got executed from Trial Number Two, or was it Trial Number One? Imagine if Nuremburg had been run this way!