Defense Industry belligerance mindset

Mark’s amusing Space Symposium Billy Bad-Ass video is getting traction.
As the CPIS delegation is enroute to Omaha, KRDO Channel 13 talked to Mark and I about Tuesday morning (and Wednesday morning 2006).

The man who blind-sided our costumed Darth Vader would not have known who was under the robe. By the look of the rest of the protesters, it most likely would have been someone of advanced age, who could not have handled an unexpected thrust in the back. The little bully pushed so hard he threw himself off quilter (and out of the frame), and had to be assisted by Broadmoor security. While officers stood by.

At least in my case, two years ago, officers intervened as an enraged army commander in running shorts jogged right up to me and with his hands gripping my collar tried to knock me down.

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