Shall we stand our ground with Obama?

The man who brought Democrats out of the closet, our presumptive Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Barack Obama, will be speaking in Colorado Springs Wednesday night at the Broadmoor. WHETHER OR NOT you hope he gets elected, do we remind Obama and the Democrats he rode in on, that the American and world peoples need real change? “Change” does NOT mean: endorsing FISA, funding more war, staying in Iraq, bullying Iran, or not promising universal health care. Can you name anything Barack Obama is going to do for you? He’ll withdraw the “combat troops” (10%) from Iraq? Come put your two cents before the eyes of these presumptive progressives. MEET US 6PM WED. AT THE BROADMOOR. There’s nothing wrong with Obama that the voice of the people can’t fix. You know there’s only one way to make sure he hears it!
Broadmoor West
UPDATE: The event will be held at BROADMOOR WEST, behind the lake. The best car and foot traffic will still pass our original spot.

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