Dick and Georgia

Dick Cheney“Here, take $1,000,000,000, Georgia Honey. Them American taxpayers don’t need it. Get yourself rebuilt the way I like it, Doll.”
Yes, Dick is on vacation once again! All the harlots are at his feet and want some finger licking good dollars! …Dick looking good dollars!

Heck, Dick don’t like Haiti, a dame that really could use some largesse about now. But Haiti is an old fuck and Dick don’t give a damn about her no mohre. He looking for the newest mohre flashy whores, like Georgia.

Dick is all upset though because that bad guy Vladamir duhn violated his honey, Georgia. Dick shore pissed off and he traveling around the Black Sea.

Dick, don’t let it tear yuh poor heart up. Vladamir back down soon and then you can go about your business again. You the Assbestos Man, Dick!

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