The Pentagon creates the ultimate terror in Pakistan

Now that the US neocons have lost their favorite dictator stooge, Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf, they are left with a troupe of rotating circus clowns to work with. It’s like the Bush Administration looked around and asked itself, ‘How can we create more terrorists to fight?’ They came up with the thought that it would really work to destabilize Pakistan as much as possible, and this they are now on a quest to accomplish.

Pakistan has 170,000,000 people and is an unnatural political creation in the best of times. But add to the situation the Pentagon, and voilà! Now add to that nuclear weapons! Add to that some Muslim fundamentalism! Add to that Christian fundamentalism! BANG!!!!!!!!!

As a deeply religious person, I have to ask myself, What Would Jesus Do? And as a deeply political person, I have to ask myself, What Would President Sarah Palin Do? And last of all, What would the new commander of CENTCOM, General Petraeus Do? This is kind of a radioactive situation now brewing, is it not?

What is nice about all this, of course, is how the Man Bringing Change, Barack Obama, is also set out to throw some more bombs into this whole thick brew. Isn’t he inspiring? The guy and his good buddy Joe want to get US kids to fight in this area of their ‘great foreign expertise’! Never mind President Palin. So don’t you just pity the poor people of Pakistan? What a future they have ahead for themselves. And what a future our kids will have, too.

1 thought on “The Pentagon creates the ultimate terror in Pakistan

  1. It’s ok, it’ll be over before we even knew it was starting, almost.

    Like the poster says,

    (15 things to do in case of Nuclear attack)
    1. Fill the bathtub, all the sinks, and as many containers as you have with fresh water.

    2. Empty the cupboards, pantry and refrigerator and take the food and the water to the basement.

    (skip the other Pre-FEMA useless horseshit and go straight to:)
    13. Sit down in a chair.

    14. Bend down and put your head between your legs.

    15. Kiss your ass goodbye…

    all of which is of course, the natural end of striving for bigger better weapons, trying to suppress other peoples knowledge of how to manufacture and use these bigger better weapons, especially when the Almost Entire Rest of The Damn World is better educated per capita than America, and set up puppet regimes.

    That’s always been a nice touch, the last part.

    Now that science is on the verge of discovering what exactly holds the atom together, rather than our already well-grounded and tested knowledge of how to knock it apart, we, or rather a very small and select group ‘representing’ we, will have the knowledge of how to create matter, time, space and energy…

    Oh, boy oh Joy.

    Now we’re going to have one of a small group of very powerful world leaders with a proven record of Non-Containment of his/her psychotic desire for More Power, who’ll be able to recreate the Big Bang.

    The idea that it might be a Pakistani or Russian or European leader doesn’t make the idea any more nor less distasteful.

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