Ethiopian dictator fed up with being the US’s pit bull?

custody…Meles Zenawi… US pit bull pulling himself out of US custody?
Ethiopian dictator, Meles Zenawi, says he didn’t think it would be so disgustingly unrewarding to be the US’s pit bull in Bush’s genocidal campagin against Somalia. Why hell no, Meles, you didn’t know what you were getting into, did yuh? See BBC’s- Ethiopia hints at leaving Somalia

Hint! Hint, Meles! You’ve been a bad boy! Didn’t you learn anything from Saddam Hussein’s time as US regional pit bull? Look what happened to him eventually! (It makes you wonder how people so dumb as Meles get to be Heads of State?)

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7 Responses to Ethiopian dictator fed up with being the US’s pit bull?

  1. Avatar Sam says:

    Well, from Human rights watch report, the raping and pillaging of Somalia was highly been rewarded by estimated $2billion/yr, most of it going presumably to his Swiss Bank account, as half of his people are starving.

    Not to mention the tax payers money being used to arm him, including from North Korea of all places

  2. Avatar zed says:

    I read a bad news from your site. It’s not good. Here in our countery there is a proverb- “An enemy paints bad thing to make ugly.” Pri minister Meles is not only Ethiopian Man he is also an African brave.

  3. Avatar ERI says:

    fuck you butch you aint no shit.obv you dont know what your talkin abou he is the MAN aint no buddy like him. and bitch if youz somalian he helped yo ass.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Another letter from the Meles fan club? What a crowd!

  5. Called you “Butch”. Watch out, they’re getting smarter. That one found the keyboard. Maybe if he sobered up.

  6. Oh. He thinks we’re Somalian. I guess they’re not getting smarter.

  7. Avatar TJG says:

    Meles Zenawi is not the man you are dreaming. He is the brave hero who fought for the freedom of his nation and still battling for free Africa. He is Africa’s Obama. Please don’t try to disgrace his name. When you insult him you should bear in mind that you are insultin our people. Why don’t you put George Bush in custody, the war criminal who have killed may Arabs for their oil? Why not Tony Blair of UK? Whether you like it or not, Meles is African hero and we are proud of him. Thank you.

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