Welcome to the Democratic Party Police State! Now, surrender your rights.

Welcome to the Democratic Party Police State, where freedom of the press a thing of the past. ABC News reporter arrested at Denver convention, for the crime of filming Democratic big wigs talking to big money donors on public property. They have it all on tape, and broadcasted it on the national evening news.

It’s about ‘effin time!

Karma’s a bitch, and she is pissed! Hurricane Gustav in line to hit New Orleans on Monday, just as the GOP convention starts. LA governor has already declared a state of emergency, and NOLO mayor warns that there are still thousands of FEMA trailers that will become little more than missiles if it hits. I don’t want to wish anything bad, but this could put an end to the GOP, once and for all.

On Sept. 15, 2003, one of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge’s deputies lobbed a bureaucratic hand grenade across his desk. In a seven-page memo, the new department’s undersecretary for emergency preparedness and response told Ridge that his organizational plan would cripple America’s ability to respond to disasters. The memo, like so many that flew around Washington during the largest government reshuffling in decades, involved turf: Ridge had decided to move some of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s preparedness functions to an office less than one-fifteenth its size.

This is the guy John McCain is considering for VP, as another category 3 hurricane is predicted to hit New Orleans, on the opening day of the GOP convention! [video]

Freedom is slavery. Halliburton charged with human trafficing.

Sickeness is health. McCain advisor says the answer to the problem of millions of uninsured Americans, is to just quit calling them that. “It won’t cost a penny.”

Oceania has always been at war with EastAsia. (Brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.)

Cops tricked protesters into pleading guilty to charges before being allowed to make phone calls, denied Constitutional rights. You have no rights under our “two party” system.

Freedom means drinking what the Party tells you to drink! Will CocaCola be
banned in an Obama administration

This is beginning to make Nazi Germany look like Freedom Paradise.

Will Cheney have a 747 crash into Invesco Field during Obama’s acceptance speech? I’m just asking.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 28, thomasmc.com.

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