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DONT BOMB IRAN set against Colorado Springs skyline
There’s DON’T BOMB IRAN set against the Lilliputian Springs cityscape. State and El Paso County authorities were not pleased with its visibility. Now the sign’s been documented on Freeway Blogger. Here are some EASY instructions if you want to try this at home.

1) Continuous-feed computer paper, approx 250 sheets.
2) Duct tape.

Tear the continuous (tractor-feed) paper into eight-sheet segments. You’ll need 31 to spell DON’T BOMB IRAN. Vertical and diagonal strokes are formed by single strips, loops and horizontals are made by bending the strips. Pre-measuring and cutting the paper will facilitate hanging the letters. You won’t have a tangle of spaghetti paper growing as the wind blows.

Choose a location where the wind is blowing from behind you, so that the paper is drawn toward the metal fencing. If the wind is trying to rip your paper letters away from the fence, you won’t have enough tape to secure them.

Ideally you need three people. One to climb on the rail to hold the top of the strip, another to hold the bottom, and a third to dispense the tape. Use strips of 3-inch length to fasten the paper to the wire fence. Make sure the duct tape is wrapped through the links to adhere to the opposite side of the paper.

If you’re not concerned with being considered a vandal, you can leave your sign for someone else to take down while you hit the next freeway overpass.

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