Will Vegas favor McCain by November?

Who does Vegas think is going to win the election
The media can pretend whoever they want to be leading in the polls. Obama looks favored, McCain looks too old. The press skews the news to screw Obama and make McCain out to be a cherub, but the prevailing zeitgeist forecasts an Obama triumph over the old white crony. I have to admit I practically feel it too. So I wondered, where are the Vegas bookies vis-a-vis the bandwagon?

The press can alternately tell us Obama will turn water into wine at Invesco Field, misleading us about his real chances of success, and what do they care if they are proved wrong. In fact, we’ll credit them with getting caught up the Great Half-White Hope just as we. But Las Vegas will eventually have to put its money where its mouth is. Their predictions have to pay out.

Can you imagine bookmakers mirroring the fake media fairytale ending to this election, and then having to pay it out according what probability plays out? Does a George Soros have a shirt big enough to fix the Vegas odds?

That would depend on what kind of money is riding on the bet. Probably there isn’t enough action yet to worry a fixer. You might even get 3 to 1 odds on McCain before the numbers start to run the other way. Keep an eye on the odds. I wager Obamaphoria will meet its match with the Vegas Democratic Party-poopers.

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