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Rule of law & American Exceptionalism

The extrem(ist)e lack of the first puts any claim of the latter as the very essence of arrogant falsehood. We’re told that America, and ONLY America, actually deserves to run the entire world because we’re better than them.
What’s that sound? Damn, I just heard every Right Wing Jingoist my-country-right-or-wrong, Love-it-or-leave-it, we’re-fighting-for-your-freedom-of-speech-so-you-better-shut-your-cake-hole-or-we’ll-shut-it-for-you “patriotic” TeaTard Racist closing his mind. They just snapped their minds shut simultaneously. with a deafening roar.
Consider the case of one Luis Posada Carriles
For those of our readers unfamiliar with the Castellano (Spanish) naming scheme, Carriles was his mother’s maiden name. His surname is Posada.
A terrorist paid by the U.S. Regime over decades to murder, to overthrow Democracy wherever it reared its lovely head. His CIA “handler” was one Donald Gregg, an American Coward who paid public money, without public oversight and, like fellow Terrorist George Bush Gregg was recently honored in Colorado Springs. Seems the local “conservatives” can’t get enough of Babykilling Freaks. (They’re hosting Sarah Palin later this month)

So, Colorado Springs and El Paso County show a lot of solidarity with Terrorists like Gregg, and his “asset” Posada. El Paso County Texas too, where the Republican prosecutor, in a show trial, charged this mass murdering TERRORIST with “lying to immigration officials” a charge compared to charging Hitler with Disorderly Conduct and then dropping the charges. I spent more time in the El Paso County Jail for talking back to the PIGS.
Guess if I actually were a murderer or something they would have simply welcomed me to their club. Pigs are like that.
Fellow CIA “assets” handled by Gregg and his friends Rumsfeld, George HW Bush, (before and AFTER he became President in charge of Vice and subsequently Commander in Thief) Ollie North, Richard Secord, a rogues gallery indeed…
But the “assets” list included, until they became too much of an embarrassment, Saddam Hussein, The Medellin Cartel, and Panama Puppet Manuel Noriega.

Their current assets include Nouri al Maliki, Satrap of Baghdad, Mauricio Funes, of the Satrapy El Salvador, Felipe Calderon, Puppet Dictator of Mexico, Eden Pastora, Babykilling Contra leader, Ricardo Martinelli Panamian Sock-puppet, and the list grows longer. Human rights slaughtered right along with the humans who claimed them.
Posada was just one of many, and was charged, and acquitted, in the same El Paso County Texas Kangaroo Court system which acquits cops of murder routinely, and enables the same PIGS to beat, imprison on false charges (automatic conviction in their courts on those charges) and KILL people for the crimes of talking back or wearing a brown skin.

It’s true what they say, Thieves of a Feather, Cowards Run in Packs, and the Counties of El Paso Texas and El Paso Colorado glorify, fund, and enable Terrorist BITCHES like Posada and Gregg and Bush and Palin.

Have a nice babykilling.

There’s an observatory in Texas… Near El Paso

carbonAnd you’re probably wondering how Climate Change has anything at all to do with that.

Fortunately, you have me, and I can tell you. The observatory is in the Davis Mountains, almost to Terlingua, year-round population of 11. In Terlingua, the only things that happen are the Annual Wick Fowler Memorial Chili Cookoff, people riding the rapids around the Big Bend of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande, and a lot of Anti-Immigration activities. Fade out on that, but going east to west along Interstate 20 OR Interstate 10, you come to the junction of those roads at a town named Kent, Texas. There’s a road that leads from Kent to Terlingua. Don’t think about that.

If you ride into Kent at night, you can see a light in either direction. Looking directly west you see the lights from El Paso, pretty in its own way, reflecting off the haze. Looking to the East, you see the lights from Midland and Odessa, again, reflecting off the haze.

This causes what could best be described as “noise” light, which drowns out the starlight. Which used to be, wasn’t there. The bright lights, that is. Because of the size of the cities of El Paso/Juarez, there’s now more light, and more haze. The haze isn’t water vapor in the upper atmosphere. No, it’s carbon particulates, aka “smog”.
If you ride into Kent in daylight, you still have to cross one mountain range to get to where you can see the Franklin Mountains which split El Paso down the middle. And the thick shroud of that haze. Shroud is an excellent way to describe it, as late as the 1970s doctors in other parts of the country confidently recommended El Paso as a place for asthmatics and other chronic lung disease sufferers because of the clean air. The lack of humidity being key. No longer. Now it’s the Smog that’s killing people there.

And drowning out the light of the stars at night.

Going east, from Kent, you soon get to the Permian Basin. THE oil-richest land in Texas. It’s at the bottom of the basin, at Midland-Odessa and a name more people in the world now recognize, Crawford, Texas, that the drilling rigs are located. As you cross the basin, which used to be a freshwater shallow inland sea about 60 million years ago, you’re passing over the drinking water for 4 states in two nations. In a “boson” a very large aquifer. That’s now polluted by among other things Oilfield waste. But that’s not the whole story. The whole story is as vast as Texas. Bigger, even.

If you cross the Permian Basin in winter, you get the full taste, literally, of the Carbon Problem. The problem the Oil Industry denies is actually a problem. You’ll be breathing all those pollutants from the oil wells.

Now, the Oil Companies are trying very desperately to call it a Lie when research and observation shows that they’ve caused actual climate change with their wasteful exploitation of carbon fuels.

They get the simple minded to question it because they believe that One Robin DOES make a spring, and one cold front somehow disproves Global Warming.

And then they concatenate, which is a Latin word which means literally to make one word or one concept from a chain of smaller words or concepts (caten means “chain”) but they concatenate the concepts to somehow demonstrate that Breathing and Drinking the Poisonous Emissions is somehow healthy.

Kind of “hazy” logic. I just typed about two thousand words to get to that point.

They also tell us that their Oil Waste equals Freedom, and that the wars which they started to obtain that oil are somehow to make us all “free”.

John Lennon while in one of his more Goth-like depressive moods wrote a song “Free as a bird”, that’s a metaphor for Death.

Yep. I guess the Oil Corporations ARE offering us at least That Kind of “freedom”.

Meanwhile, the observatory in the Davis Mountains near El Paso is itself choking on the fumes from the really far-off cities of El Paso and Midland Odessa. It’s getting harder and harder to focus on the stars.

US and Mexican Drug War Czars declare Martial Law in El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

el-paso-juarez.jpg …In my book there are only 2 major international metropolitan areas in the Northern part of North America, those being Montreal and El Paso-Ciudad Juarez. I would add San Diego-Tijuana in there too except for the fact that the two cities are 25 miles apart from each other. Of course, most Anglo US citizens have never thought of El Paso-Ciudad Juarez in that manner as they mainly just drive past the area, usually with some sense of dismay.

So what’s going on down south these days a short drive right past Albuquerque from us? Put simply, basically the area has been turned into a war zone because of US drug policy and now Martial law is being implemented for the most part. See the Reuters report- Mexico to send more troops to besieged city

Yes, 1.6 million of the metro area’s population will be put under Marshall Law, but don’t think that none of people in El Paso north of the Rio Bravo is affected by this militarization, for they are. Crossing The Border now resembles walking into Northern Ireland, and all because the US government will never admit to losing its wars, no matter that they have.

Here is a slide show that gives people some small idea of the area being militarized. Audio slideshow: Mexico drug violence …Except for the fact that quite a lot of Ciudad Juarez looks not all that much different than the US does. Deserty, that’s all. And poorer. And scary. KInd of like the Bronx perhaps?

Drug cartel roundup in U.S. nets 750 in just another stupid war for the US government-military-industrial-prison complex welfare program for ‘security’ meat heads and those that profit off them.

The latest Drug War news from the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

At last count, Ciudad Juarez has had 840 people murdered there this year, most of them Drug War victims. Severed head The entire US-Mexican Border area has been turned into a killing battlefield by the US campaign to militarize Latin America as well as our own country. Here is the Narco News report on the latest violence in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area Masked Gunmen Unleash AK-47s on Drug-Rehab Center; Mexican Soldiers Parked 50 Yards Away Do Nothing

For further recent US-Mexico Drug War news from a little further inside Mexico see Suspected drug hit men dump head in Mexican city