Garrett Reppenhagen Winter Soldier

COLORADO COLLEGE- Iraq Veterans Against the War held a mini- Wintersoldier hearing this evening at the Max Kade Theatre in Armstrong Hall. They screened the original 1970 documentary, originally unseen in this country and unavailable until just recently on DVD. Afterwards four soldiers told of their experiences in Iraq. IVAW chairman Garrett Reppenhagen told an interesting story:

Have you ever seen pictures of fighter planes which bore tiny icons beneath the cockpit indicating how many planes they’d downed? Well some US soldiers in Iraq were putting little “car” stickers on their windshield to show how many cars they’d bumped off the road or totaled. Military vehicles are instructed to stop for nothing, so cars moving too slowly or stopped by traffic are simply hit and pushed out of the way. Commanders eventually had to forbid the stickers when the drivers’ views were being impaired by too many stickers. You could earn half stickers for dogs, or bikes or people.

Garrett was at the 50mm gun in a convoy when the humvee ahead swerved to hit an Iraqi child. The vehicle did not come close enough so the driver swung open his door to extend his reach. Garrett explained that armored doors are so heavy that they require two soldiers to lift them on or off their hinges. He’s certain the Iraqi boy was killed on impact.

When they returned to their FOP, Garrett was relieved to see an officer approach the guilty driver and scold him loudly for his actions. Later the very disgruntled soldier revealed that he was not reprimanded for striking the boy, but rather for having opened his door, exposing his fellow soldiers to the risk of gunfire.

5 thoughts on “Garrett Reppenhagen Winter Soldier

  1. Reply to the ? If you just shoot into a group of
    people, YOU are wrong. To brag of doing this or that
    to civilian, to me, means YOU are responsible & should be
    up on charges. No Army Officer will ever tell you to just
    fire on civilians. If one does, YOU are required NOT to obey
    this unlawful order. YOU are to report this up the chain or
    go to the IG. Not brag about it or come back & blame the
    Army. YOU know you are NOT to obey unlawful orders. That
    is passed out in basic training. You had no balls and murdered civilians. YOU are guily of war crimes, clear and
    simple. Your “hate the army talk” you give now just being
    done to make you feel clean about your tour of duty.
    As for me, wish there was some way to put you in front of
    a wall & shoot you. You are the example of what low life
    losers pretend to be a soldier when you are not. Bring
    disgrace on yourself, your family & all real Americans or
    others of the Human race. You have NO honor & deserve to
    just be shot, you waste of air.
    Army retired officer (3 tours of South Vietnam),

  2. The Chain of Command and the Inspector General apparently didn’t give a fuck.

    That’s why it’s being presented directly to the American PEOPLE.

    Major, the situation you’re describing would only be valid IF the “Chain of Command” were honest.

    As it is, it’s much like the NYPD blowing a man away with 50 shots on the eve of his wedding, AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

    Bringing a complaint to the Internal Affairs division of any police institution is equally as useless as being a whistleblower in the Pentagon or to the Inspector General’s Office.

    Major, the Army is engaged in a Massive defiance of the Constitution which they’re all sworn to Uphold and Defend Against ALL Enemies, Foreign And Domestic.

    If they wanted to defy illegal orders, they most certainly could.

    Mr Bush started his Murder Campaign based on lies, statements he KNEW were lies, and predicated by people who are sworn to overthrow Constitutional Governance in America.

    There’s a couple of very large documents, perhaps you’ve heard them (and probably dismissed as “liberal socialist propaganda” signed by amongst other people, the current Secretary of State, the BROTHER of the POTUS, and most of the members of the current Cabinet of Said POTUS.

    They’re collectively known as the Project for the New American Century, and add up to a seditious plot, signed proudly, to overthrow the Government.

    If the Army as a whole were seriously concerned about the Constitution or any other form of actual Law they would have the lot of them arrested, instead of rolling over for them and being a very large collection of Hit Men in their employ.

  3. Ah BJ,
    Nope never heard of this plot. But do rest in peace as your Army present & past will not let such a plot go forward. Had you served, really served, you would know what i say is the truth. There is really far too many combat vets -retired- but with weapons for this to happen. Now when the liberal – socialist get their way & take all the weapons up, then you are correct – our way may be in danger. But who knows maybe some arms are under cover, waiting for that day to rise up & destroy those against the consititution as you say foreign and domestic. That is a term neocons hold as true. So rest & be at peace – we ARE on guard now & forever. Waiting till there is a need. Checking the list & checking it twice as Santa would say. So fear not your guard is ON guard. Say what you will, that is the American way. Free speach for all. Be ye not surprised Brother J, other Brothers are awake.

  4. I served in the same unit in Iraq as Garrett Reppenhagen, in fact prior to deploying to Iraq he was my driver. Regardless I have seen many of his stories on the iternet and haven’t found a shred of the truth to most of them. Garrett has a right to express his thoughts, but these are pure lies. During the year in Iraq I was in or saw every Humvee in the Battalion that Reppenhagen also served in. I never saw a sticker. I know our CSM would have flipped out if drivers were blocking their vision with stickers of any sort. Reppenhagen tells lies, pure lies. It is a shame people listen to him.

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