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Israel caught birth controlling the Falash Mura, ethnically cleansing Jews of false flesh tone

How's this for a Wikipedia item update? After five years of having denied the practice, the Israeli government admits it is secretly administering birth control injections to its Falash Mura population, reducing that community's birth rate by half. Falash Mura you may ask, translates to "horse of the raven" --consult Wikipedia if you'd like to see some champion dissembling from the racist imagery of that term-- and refers to the descendents of Beta Israel, or Ethiopian Jews, contested as improbably Jewish on account of their skin color making Semitic Europeans uncomfortable. Israel has very reluctantly offered birthright invites to their Ethiopian Diasporans. Israel's Law of Return is not to be confused with the International Right of Return, to which all refuges are entitled, which Israel refuses to grant Palestinians, the original and more likely descendents of ALPHA ISRAEL. But getting back to this breaking story on Zionist racism, it turns out Israel has been preemptively ethnically cleansing their darkies, no worse than the US does with ghettos, drugs, cheap guns, and the prison industrial complex.

In a nutshell, this is Israel

The above was seen just tonight at the website of Haaretz, which is Israel's most important newspaper. Apparently the Jewish people in Israel see nothing wrong with inviting people from Kansas to go and live on land being stolen, step by step, from the original inhabitants of the country, while denying most of those original inhabitants any right to live on their own lands or return to them after they were robbed of their former properties. Is this not akin to how the German NAZIs started their Holocaust against the Jewish population off? They began by vandalizing Jewish properties and then stealing much of what was of worth, down to eventually the gold fillings in peoples' mouths. In a nutshell Israel, too, is a racist Apartheid State where one cultural/ religious group steals property from another by way of their own made up laws. Why is the US, where the right to security in holding one's property is supposedly a holy principle, does the majority of the population continue to support a whole group of people (some invited from Kansas to go live in Israel), who are whole scale using ethnic cleansing and theft from the Palestinians to increase the amount of their own property (land)? Certainly that is an extreme form of racial profiling, is it not? Jews get property, others lose it.... Why do Americans support for another people what they reject in their own country?

Okay I’ll bite, what is legitimate about Israel?

Israel asserts that Palestinian efforts to seek UN recognition, without Israel's consent, are intended to delegitimize the Tel Aviv regime. Apparently sending an aid convey to relieve the siege of Gaza is also to delegitimize Israel. What they really mean it that Israel's inevitably violent responses won't help but to prompt onlookers to rethink Zionism's legitimacy. Because, Israel was created unilaterally by the UN, without obtaining Palestinian consent. And whatever reason could anyone contrive to deny humanitarian aid to the Gazans? The Obama administration recently reiterated its aim to combat efforts to delegitimize Israel. You wonder if they've even asked it themselves, what is legitimate about Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and occupation?

Puerto Rico Birth certificates cancelled, Citizens Forced To Prove Citizenship.

Is it any coincidence that this is aimed at the single largest concentration of non-Anglo CITIZENS in America? Yet the racist pricks in the Minutemen and other anti-"immigrant" Hate Groups, orchestrated by Fox News, deny any racist intent. Just like Joe Arpaio and Sarah Palin and John McCain deny their own blatant Racism in these matters. Bunch of Lying Pukes, can't even muster the courage to state their beliefs and intents openly. Who's next on their Klan-affiliate Hit List? The Chiricahua, Mescalero, Lipan and Jicarilla Apache, and other Native Tribes who have triple citizenship, in the U.S., their own Tribal nations and Mexico? Perhaps the Northern Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Crow, Sioux, Mohawk? For the same reason. Not "national security" as proclaimed by the Hate Freaks. But White insecurity. Fear the Brown... Fear fear fear... and disguise your actions as Courage. It was early this spring that an acclaimed (white) local historian called the Ethnic Cleansing Genocide that occurred locally as a "Counter-insurgency" and compared it to the conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine that, the Invaders calling the natives Rebels for refusing to bow the knee to their Mighty Great White Father. "Down from the trees, and onto your knees!" This is just another case of "We're gonna teach those Wogs to respect their betters!" Their label of it as being Immigration reform doesn't fit. We're not seeing Immigrants, illegal or otherwise, being Racially Profiled Here. We're seeing PEOPLE, Born as citizens of the United States, being stripped of their citizenship and forced to prove to Racially Motivated political hacks that they're "pure" enough to get their citizenship back.

The US and allies pulverized Gaza in order to control the ‘fixing’

Donors pledge $5bn to rebuild Gaza. ...What's $5 billion to the US government when it throws trillions out to the banks and financial institutions in their 'crisis'? The US government simply destroyed the already semi starved Gaza in an attempt to shove Hamas to the side afterwards during the 'fixing' to be arranged! That's simply their standard morality at the US-Israeli Zionists Central Command. All's fair in love of Israel and war against the Palestinians is their motto! Remember when Barack Obama didn't say a word as CIC Dubya and Israel went about with their ethnic cleansing rampage of destruction against the people living in Gaza? The excuse then was that 'I am not president yet', and blah, blah, blah.... 'One president at a time'... and blah, blah, blah. They just couldn't act at the time they said, because?.... well just because. Enter now Zionist Barack Obama, Zionist Joe Biden, and (my favorite Zionist cutie) Zionist Hillary Clinton. Cracks the ears just to hear them rattle on about how they're going to make sure that only their slave, Abbas of the PLO, can be allowed to control the distribution of 'aid' to Gaza. Who does the US government think that they are kidding in the Muslim World? It simply sickens to see the Saudis, Israel, and Dictator Mubarak in Egypt all talking together about how they're now going to help Gaza out. What a line up of total scum, and the Muslim World is all watching! So much for bringing democacy to the region, since it's more like bringing Hell. YES, this is what American liberals bought with their votes. They bought more support for Israel in ethnic cleansing the so-called Holy Land. They bought more support for waging an eternal war for the military industrial complex business called GWOT. They bought more WAR. They bought into destroying Gaza so that they could then 'fix' it. They bought into helping murder off the children of Gaza.

The Gaza Zoo massacre- a look at Israeli military propagandist version of events?

Israel blew up a lot of schools in Gaza and destroyed the Gaza Zoo killing many of the animals there with gratuitous gunfire and not just gratuitous bombs. Here is what the Israeli military told the Jewish State back home about why they did this. See Hamas Booby Trapped School and Zoo ...As one can see, it is essentially a variation of the old time worn out excuse by both the US and Israeli militaries, that the opposition forces were cowardly and hiding themselves behind children, and in this case of the Israeli Gaza Zoo rampage hiding themselves behind even zoo animals! In the Vietnam War, the US government used this as its excuse for why they bombed villagers in Vietnamese held areas with napalm. They didn't mean to hurt anyone that was innocent they always said, but the bad guys were hiding themselves behind women and children and using poor folk as screens! In Iraq, the excuse for destroying places like Fallujah was much the same and now the Israeli military is using the same rationale behind its recent rampages of destruction through Lebanon and Gaza. Same lies, just new uses for them in new places. Here is another video about this wanton destruction by the Israeli military. IDF kills Gaza Zoo animals ~ destroys children's theatre... Whose video explanation do you buy? Perhaps the Israeli military version of the Zoo massacre? It certainly has been seen by a lot more people than has the video of the Palestinian zoo keeper. But let's go back and think about the Israeli version of events some, shall we? What did the military spokesman tell and show us in the beginning of the video? He showed us a detonator (in the zoo) and started walking alongside some wires. He mentioned that each and every animal in the zoo was booby trapped to kill Israeli soldiers, as the camera pointed to some birds! He claimed that the detonator led out of the zoo and across to a school, one only of 67 destroyed by Israel in Gaza. He didn't show us the wires leading to the other 66 schools but I guess that was certainly implied as to why it was also so seemingly necessary to destroy all those other 66 schools, too. Soldier safety issues! Good ol' Israel. They don't want to do it, but they have to! But look again! Those wires are just lying out in the open, aren't they? So is the detonator! How convenient that must be for the Israeli soldiers! Certainly convenient for the Israeli propagandist, that is. Those stupid idiotic Hamas! They forgot to hide the detonator and wiring away from camera view! Amazing!

Israel obstinate

More nations gave formal recognition to the PLO, a terrorist group, than to Israel. Thus more people thought the Palestinian Liberation Organization had a "right to exist" than did Israel, a chunk of Arab land appropriated to make a Jewish State. To date Israel has rejected 70 UN resolutions against its actions. I think it bears repeating them, lest typifying Israel's behavior as illegal, be dismissed as a rant. # 1. General Assembly Resolution 181 (1947): the 1947 Partition plan of Palestine and the creation of Israel. # 2. General Assembly Resolution 194 (1947): Palestinian Refugees have the right to return to their homes in Israel. # 3. Resolution 106 (1955): condemns Israel for Gaza raid. # 4. Resolution 111 (1956): condemns Israel for raid on Syria that killed fifty-six people. # 5. Resolution 127 (1958): recommends Israel suspend its no-manís zoneí in Jerusalem. # 6. Resolution 162 (1961): urges Israel to comply with UN decisions. # 7. Resolution 171 (1962): determines flagrant violations by Israel in its attack on Syria. # 8. Resolution 228 (1966): censures Israel for its attack on Samu in the West Bank, then under Jordanian control. # 9. Resolution 237 (1967): urges Israel to allow return of new 1967 Palestinian refugees. # 10. Resolution 242 (1967): Israelís occupation of Palestine is Illegal. # 11. Resolution 248 (1968): condemns Israel for its massive attack on Karameh in Jordan. # 12. Resolution 250 (1968): calls on Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem. # 13. Resolution 251 (1968): deeply deplores Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250. # 14. Resolution 252 (1968): declares invalid Israelís acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital. # 15. Resolution 256 (1968): condemns Israeli raids on Jordan as flagrant violation. # 16. Resolution 259 (1968): deplores Israelís refusal to accept UN mission to probe occupation. # 17. Resolution 262 (1968): condemns Israel for attack on Beirut airport. # 18. Resolution 265 (1969): condemns Israel for air attacks for Salt in Jordan. # 19. Resolution 267 (1969): censures Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem. # 20. Resolution 270 (1969): condemns Israel for air attacks on villages in southern Lebanon. # 21. Resolution 271 (1969): condemns Israelís failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem. # 22. Resolution 279 (1970): demands withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon. # 23. Resolution 280 (1970): condemns Israeliís attacks against Lebanon. # 24. Resolution 285 (1970): demands immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. # 25. Resolution 298 (1971): deplores Israelís changing of the status of Jerusalem. # 26. Resolution 313 (1972): demands that Israel stop attacks against Lebanon. # 27. Resolution 316 (1972): condemns Israel for repeated attacks on Lebanon. # 28. Resolution 317 (1972): deplores Israelís refusal to release. # 29. Resolution 332 (1973): condemns Israelís repeated attacks against Lebanon. # 30. Resolution 337 (1973): condemns Israel for violating Lebanonís sovereignty. # 31. Resolution 347 (1974): condemns Israeli attacks on Lebanon. # 32. General Assembly Resolution 3236 (1974): affirms the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in Palestine to self-determination without external interference and to national independence and sovereignty. # 33. Resolution 425 (1978): calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from