Good news, a back-range express, but is it too late to stop 24 West “vision”?

cdot 24 west
although there’s a rumor that the sudden lack of money in the Treasury is going to derail 24 West anyway…

But the biggest boohoo about 24 is that the people from the back range somehow would benefit more from spending a quarter of a billion dollars on widening the road, no farther than the corner of 24 and 24, right by the Sinclair station, with the big plastic Dinosaur that’s right at a Bus Stop than by putting in LESS money to expand bus service, notably, a bus to Green Mountain Falls, Cascade, Woodland Park, Divide…

Something the Park and Teller county folk have been asking for but the Republican leadership back in the back range have said is impractical, couldn’t possibly work, nobody would willingly give up paying 50 bux for a round trip to the springs just because of somebody having a better deal.

See the disconnect between Real People and Republican Representation?

Same way a few very rich developers were demanding that we finance their Road to Nowhere to the tune of: utter destruction of WestSide homes, partitioning our neighborhood with an even more insurmountable wall than the existing road, so the Rich Ones could drive their Single Occupant Vehicles into downtown, pay to park (and clog downtown roads with the on street parking) and thus impress their friends with how Important and Rich they are.

I dunno, I see a HumVee and the first impression I get is the dumbass got ripped off.

If you have to pop out a hundred grand for a gas-guzzling Stupid Useless Vehicle just to make a statement of Status…. Face it man, you didn’t have status anyway, and you just ain’t fooling anybody.

I could have sold you a tee-shirt with LOSER written on it for 5 bucks and you could take the other $99,995 and buy something actually useful with it.

a real life leaps to mind.

Simple equation: less cars = less traffic = less congestion, with the attendant headaches of road rage, pollution, time-of-commute, and of course, it will even lower the gas prices if consumption goes down.

Not saying give up your private car, hell no. Just don’t expect us to bend over backwards or forwards to accommodate your ride is all.

You want to drive like that, pay the full price. Get your hands out of our pockets, get your smog out of our lungs and our drinking water, no problem.

Nobody owes them more road.

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