Untrusty democrat to win by a landslide!

I KNOW THIS FEELING. We’ve all had this premonition before. Democrat Expected to Win by a Landslide. The candidates don’t even compare: one, tall, erudite and commanding, the other an idiot pre-adolescent runt. You couldn’t even conceive the loser getting voted bat boy unless his dad owned the franchise. Smart dude to win by a landslide! In 2004.

Or was that 2000, which turned out to have been the identically-themed prequel to 2004?

But 2000 and 2004 was before we’d learned about electronic vote rigging, about disenfranchised voters, and about imposing barriers to drive away lower class participation. Work all those into the mix, combined with media scare tactics whch included psych-out tactics to misrepresent the authentic public leanings, and you ended up with no landslide at all. In fact, alas and alack actually, the results gave a small lead to… the retard. In the end, a frightened America went for the safe-bet, best pick for a drinking companion, “right man for the job,” in-the-flesh zit.

P.T. Barnum’s adage could never account for this measure of public foolishness. Even when coached by a remote debate-aid prompter hidden under his suit, the incumbent came off as a moron, and won the election.

Barack Obama is now being spun by the GOP as untrustworthy, as had been John Kerry. Back then, the corporate media slander of Kerry looked to amount to a hill of nonsense, until, THE DAY AFTER.

Sure enough, as the 2004 election results emerged to be in contradiction to the exit polls, as voter groups were prepared to challenge Black Box voting, and as plump election officials did their grubby finger-work behind closed doors, John Kerry mounted the stage and… capitulated! Thus confirming what Democrats didn’t want to believe: Kerry turned out to be… untrustworthy! The imposing, if stiff, politician betraying his supporters should have led to the firing of all the party heads, in my opinion, but progressives are such forgiving dupes. In any event, did the media slander turn out to be prophetic?

Now. What are they saying about the not-to-be-trusted Barack Obama? He’s going to win by a landslide?

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