No need to fear, Underdog is here!

Ralph Nader makes speeches about issues that matter
Here comes Ralph Nader to remind us that a politician can make memorable speeches AND make it about something that matters. Here’s Ralph, younger than Barack, addressing the ills of society instead of its platitudes. Ralph’s back to force the issues into the election coverage. He faces corporate candidates who offer nothing different from each other except sex/color/age and to which uninformed voters they pander.

Do you want something new? Nader has the same thing to say, and it’s always new. Although the context becomes more dire with each election. Where has Barack given you any sense he presents “change you can believe in?” Because Barack’s reform is sufficiently infinitesimal that you believe it is plausible.

Nader is everything Dennis Kucinich promised without the caving to the Democratic Party.

Fighting all who rob or plunder! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!

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  1. Just when we need a revolution and a Leader to lead it, the folks that have been hit hardest fall in line behind flashy, shallow rhetoric.
    “Obama= Change we can believe in”
    “McCain= A POW we can believe in”

    NADER= Progressive to the core. A 40 year history of working FOR the people (i.e. Voters)

    We awaken now or go under, into a much deeper sleep. Likely restless and nightmarish.

    Get Ralph Nader on the Ballots, in front of the media and the People and we’ll witness genuine revolution!

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