Dead Chetnik discovered in US embassy

Standard of the First Serbian Rebellion against the Ottoman EmpireAngry Serbs stormed the American embassy in Belgrade to protest the US support of Kosovo independence. In the aftermath a charred body was found. Strange detail, don’t you think? Standard news reports would say one killed, or that there had been one casualty. Instead the stories describe “a charred body was discovered in an unoccupied area” of one of the embassy buildings. State Department spokesmen made clear it wasn’t a US national, nor an embassy employee, suggesting this was a protester. Or was it a secret detainee? Was this an interrogation water-boarding victim, left to dry, then to burn to a crisp? Was this a Janet Reno set fire?

The trouble for George’s crew was that the discovery was not in the part of the embassy breached by the rioters. Nor was it where the US diplomats have their offices. For what uses are the “unoccupied” buildings behind the embassy walls?

Otherwise it’s damned convenient to suggest the charred body could be one of the rioters. As a rebellious anti-American Serb, his/her profile would likely coincide with that of a person of interest US agents might have been holding for extraordinary rendition, or working over for intelligence.

Why is the USA a backer of Kosovo independence? Kosovo has long been a province of Serbia, but suffered in WWII when the Germans massacred most of the families who lived there in retaliation for the deeds of the Chetnik partisans. As Albanian refugees moved into the empty houses, the population of Kosovo shifted until today the separatists outnumber the historic inhabitants. Otherwise, what cause has Kosovo to split from its countryside?

America fought a civil war to keep its southern states from seceding from the union. Yet today we cheer when minority regions want to break from their national borders, when those borders are those of our enemy. The soviet member states from the former union for example, or Chechnya from Russia, or Kosovo from Serbia. When it involves our allies, we show less enthusiasm: Kurdistan, Timor, Taiwan.

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4 Responses to Dead Chetnik discovered in US embassy

  1. Avatar don says:

    if a body of people is being opressed by another people the the intent of the opressor is loss of power or pride . the US has always sought for human rights .it is a noble thing.good should always seek to defend good

  2. Avatar James says:

    The Albanians who live in Kosovo are proud people who want to live without the Serbs to tell them how to live and kill them with out cause.
    The Serbs have their own land and do not need to think they can rule over the lives of Albanians. I think Serbs are very jealous of Albanians. The Kosovo state is here to stay so stop your rioting and take care of your own property Serbs.

  3. Avatar Da' Buffalo says:

    An extraordinary rendition victim came to my mind. But it could have been someone who had ‘broken from’, or been separated from the pack of protesters.

    But the burning question:

    Why is the USA a backer of Kosovo independence?

    …is a more over-arching issue.

    “Fireworks lit up the night sky over Kosovo’s capital Pristina, where thousands of giddy ethnic Albanians braved subfreezing temperatures to ride on the roofs of their cars, singing patriotic songs and chanting: “KLA! KLA!” the acronym for the now-disbanded rebel Kosovo Liberation Army.” [source]

    The Kosovo Liberation Army was, for all intents and purposes a proxy army, a mercenary army, and one of it’s main recruiters was… Osama bin Laden:

    “The fact that Al Qaeda continues to support KLA terrorist operations in Macedonia, with the full support of NATO and the US government, has been carefully overlooked. With the complicity of NATO and the US State Department. Mujahideen mercenaries from the Middle East and Central Asia were first recruited to fight in the ranks of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in 1998-99, largely supporting NATO’s war effort.

    Bin Laden had visited Albania himself. His was one of several fundamentalist groups that had sent units to fight in Kosovo. He is believed to have established an operation in Albania in 1994. Albanian sources say Sali Berisha, who was then president, had links with some groups that later proved to be extreme fundamentalists. (Sunday Times, London, 29 November 1998.)

    Among the foreign mercenaries now fighting in Macedonia (October 2001), in the ranks of self-proclaimed National Liberation Army (NLA), are Mujahideen from the Middle East and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. Also within the KLA’s proxy force in Macedonia are senior US military advisers from a private mercenary outfit on contract to the Pentagon. (Scotland on Sunday, Glasgow, 15 June 2001)” [source/

    To put it in terms that most Americans can easily understand, if not easily comprehend:

    “During his stint as NATO Supreme Commander (1997-2000), Wesley Clark was in permanent liaison with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Under Wesley Clark’s command, NATO directly sponsored a terrorist paramilitary army, with links to Al Qaeda and the trans-Balkan narcotics trade.” [source]

    The Buffalo In Da’ Midst

  4. Avatar Da' Buffalo says:

    ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry, just posted a listing of their archive on Kosovo Here

    “Why Kosovo?” by Don North. Originally published Nov. 6, 1998. The early days of the war and what the two sides were fighting over.

    “Irony at Racak: Tainted U.S. Diplomat Condemns Massacre” by Don North. Originally published Jan. 26, 1999. An American condemnation of a Serb massacre in Kosovo recalls U.S. ambivalence about massacres in Central America.

    “Wag the Dog in Reverse” by Mollie Dickenson, Originally published May 4, 1999. Bill Clinton’s political crisis over sex distracts from a real war in the Balkans.

    “Television Wars” by Don North, Originally published May 4, 1999. NATO intentionally bombs a Serb TV station.

    “Target Yugoslovia” by Robert Parry, Originally published May 4, 1999. The Clinton administration tries out high-tech info-war tactics on the Serbs.

    “KLA Country” by Don North, Originally published Aug. 12, 1999. Corrupt Kosovar warlords fill the void after Serbia’s forced retreat.

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