Iraq Moratorium monthly rendezvous

Funding the war is killing our troopsIt’s time again, February 15th, to meet at the intersection of Academy and Fountain Blvds, where US tax dollars meet the military industrial industry. Join UFPJ, PPJPC and CSA on Friday at noon. We’ll assemble at all corners with banners, flags and chants to remind the major war profiteers that the American public would appreciate another line of work. It is the war merchants who stand between humanity and peaceful co-existance. It is they who dictate what our politicians offer America as its options. It is they who work in pools of the blood of millions of innocent peoples. Wear boots.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘Man takes stand in Canada’ against ALLIANT, one of the war profiteering companies that has an office at Academy and Fountain here in Colorado Springs where this vigil will take place.

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