Iraq Moratorium Third Friday is upon us

It’s time again to join others nationwide to buoy our antiwar spirit. Plus we show UFP&J that Colorado Springs will gladly cooperate with their pro-active effort. Given the interrupted opportunity for democratic strategizing, let’s convene again this month on the pedestrian overpass. But do not mistake the short notice for a lack of planning! We’ve devised a great visual and we need as many people to assist as possible. If you have time to attend an antiwar documentary, if you have time to hold back room meetings, even if you can envision participating in just one action in six months, consider putting in one lunch hour, 12-1PM Friday! Meet at NOON, FRIDAY at the MONUMENT VALLEY PARK I-25 OVERPASS. We have the peaceful message, we need your voice. Fully legal, and fully nonviolent even if detractors try to imply otherwise. 🙂

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