Kent State remembers the 4th of May

Alan Canfora waves the anarchist flag before he was shot in the wristDid you think lone hooligans waving the Anarchist flag under the noses of police was a new thing?
On May 4, 1970, after several days of student protests at Kent State University, the Ohio National guard opened fire on the students, killing four and wounding nine others. Sparking a wave of campus revolts proclaiming “They can’t kill us all.” The Kent State students weren’t protesting the Vietnam War, but the just begun US invasion into Cambodia. Is this going to sound familiar? MAY 4 is commemorated every year.

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  1. Yo Eric,
    Couple points you missed. This Guard was mostly untrained young folks and believed they were under fire. True, they should have never just fired away. As an professional soldier, I have to say that was wrong.

    Second point these students were really protesting the just Vietnam war but not because it was just or unjust, Eric, the main point of all this was the draft. These young men(?) did not want to be drafted. As to days example of no draft most young people care less about the current wars, just or otherwise. Put the “draft” into todays wars and bong-bong these student heros would be out.

    As for the trip to Cambodia, I was there. It failed due to comminist within the South Viet-nam military. The Commie HQ was warned & ran away. Just wanted to bring you up to date with facts. Oh by the way this picture of this young woman by the person down was NOT a student but something else.

    Lets hope such as this never happens again. That is why the “vote” is so important. There is a legal way of doing things, agree?

  2. Read the account. A shouted order was given and two dozen soldiers turned in unison and fired.

    The Kent State students were protesting Nixon’s April 30 announcement of the US attack on Cambodia.

    The four protesters shot, and nine wounded, were students, not “something else.”

  3. Pissant shooting mouths oft forget that the Vietnam and Cambodia “excursions” were not nearly as censored for the homeland’s comfort as wars prior or since – therein creating reaction beyond Kent State and including your dear old Aunt Martha. Gads Richard, where were you??

    Forget the soldiers. Forget the carnage. Forget the history.

    Enjoy your feelgood wars forever. Hooray for ignorance!

    Next up for your reading amusement: Surgery with plastic spoons.

  4. The Guard had set out to Murder Americans.

    The excuse they use now is that they simply forgot to unload their machine guns (that’s what an M16 is, by the way) after being used by the Corporate Bosses to assist in breaking a Union Job Action earlier in the day.

    They were perfectly willing to kill or at least threaten to kill Americans for their exercise of Freedom to bargain collectively for a just payment for their product– Their Labor.

    Instead they wound up Murdering 4 students.

    Much like your pig asshole buddies, Richard, are doing now in Minnea-Police-State.

    I heard a couple of the Kent State MURDERERS committed Suicide in remorse. Just years later and on separate Anniversaries of the MURDERS.

    Good Riddance.

    They should have had the balls to refuse to fire on their Fellow Americans in the first GodDamned place.

    Pigs ought to realize, too, that every act of brutality or Cold Blooded Cowardly Murder they commit radicalizes their surviving Victims. Like those Torture Victims who were released from Abu Ghraib, Khandahar, Gitmo, and then got a gun and went hunting Pigs.

    Or the ones who in separate incidents blew Jensen and Jordan away.

    That, Richard, is the normal HUMAN response to your government or any other using Shock and Awe TERRORISM… Like the Kent State Massacre.

    Like your candidates Terror Bombing of a nation which had never declared war on the U.S. and the U.S. had never declared war on them.

    and extending that Terror Campaign into Laos and Cambodia.

    General George up at the top of the comments or McCain might be proud of doing what they did, but so were the Waffen Schutzstaffel and so were the TotenKopf Schutzstaffel, (the ones who ran the Death Camps)

    The Terrorist Pricks who run Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are proud of their torture techniques as well.

    And some of the Kent State Murderers are proud of their Terrorist actions as well.

  5. Maybe he hates all Middle eastern names, Jonah, Joseph, John, JESUS…

    Sounds like one of those pussies who thinks we should all be trembling in fear like he is.

    Like Bill O’Reilly.

    pussies, the whole lot of ’em.

  6. Mayhaps i was too hard on Richard.

    He seems like one of those arrested development cases, you know, like the kids in the schoolyard who would taunt a kid named Richard by calling him Retard.

    Things like that.

    and some of them never grow up. They join in a pseudo mob hiding behind both the police and people who just wanted to attend a parade, you remember the ones?

    Screaming from the safety of Behind the Lines yelling that the police or the other parade participants should kill Eric and Elizabeth and the rest of us…

    Hell, Richard might have been one of those I confronted. The ones who screamed for our blood, but weren’t man enough to actually come out and fight.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be too hard for him to find my picture, and, since I’m not in hiding or anything, well, it just gives him that extra opportunity to wuss out and still try to look good in front of his friends… if he has any.

    Richard, I would apologize if i had done anything wrong, been responsible for any of the 50,000 Americans killed in VietNam… but I wasn’t.

    That would be the responsibility of the American Right Wing Lunatic Fringe, with their “Love it or Leave it” and “My Country, right or wrong” mindless zombie-like mass cultic obedience to the Nixon Regime.

    Maybe you’re one of them, you sure sound like it, but they and you seem to want to disguise your own guilt by pushing it off on the rest of us.

    We weren’t the ones who lost the attempt to Subjugate VietNam the way your Pentagoons want to subsidize Iraq.

    It was Your side that LOST. And in doing so, took away 50,000 American lives.

    Grow up and get used to it.

  7. JONAH – IF I were to take your thoughts on high school cowardice seriously – I’d have to deem them based on retrogressive principals of psychology manipulation – and nothing to do with Injustice’s real plight. I’d go on about loners and autonomy, Jesus and Daniel’s den stories, t-shirts versus the real Matthew Sheppard, standing up versus holding on, whistle-blowers versus safety in numbers – and so on.

    After a page of writing about all that – I decided I was better to laugh this one off. I’ve read your writing for a while now and I rather trust that you are caring/balanced – unless pushed. Me too. So GOOD to hear from you!!

    And damn this war!!! – including the war on ignorance versus diversity.

    RICHARD – you did get my goat. That’s easy to do because I usually try to respect most people for a while, maybe even longer than their actions merit.

    However you did NOT get a “liberal” goat or a “conservative” goat – but a Humane Goat. PETA rescued the goat and gave it to me after suspecting it was being used in crude ways by your Aunt Martha. I can’t go into details but this might give clues as to why your daughters have hair on their chins.

    Now seriously….

    I think EVERYONE will be glad when this STUPID WAR and STUPID ADMINISTRATION is over – and we can return to a degree of intelligent interchange and friendly mirth.

    To Kent State memories…. live in peace, rest in peace. That’s not a message that anyone should have to die for.

    Do we respect our uniforms more than our young? If so, then the real enemy is not politics – but that of believing in Procreation – of believing in a Future.

    To Kent State – and to universities and thinkers/dreamers everywhere: keep the light on at the top of the sta(i)rs.

  8. It is strange that when a member of the liberal faction desires to insult they throw names.

    These students were not martyrs they were stooges of a marxist left.

    They paid the price of being, now how does Marx say it? Oh yes… useful idiots.

  9. “And thanks for your comment Mr B. Hussein Obama.”

    I’m glad to hear you are a liberal, Richard.

    I am not a liberal per any part of your presumptuous definitions – and name calling – and circular dislogics.

    I am not really happy with those labels myself. I find them non-descriptive of the present state of politics. Goat-f@ckers almost seems closer – but that is admittedly quite crude. So is the oil.

    Yes, idiots are useful.

    You find them on the other side of pencil heads. Outside of band-wagoning thought – thought is a non-political condition called “reasoning”. Many of us use books to cure idiocy. Some to develop it.

    It’s ok to being stupid sometimes – so long as you know you are.

    I only drop these words to elaborate – if you actually were offended by the names – which I doubt. If they sound patronizing, it’s because I can’t deduce that you are able to distinguish time from opinion, and opinion from concern.

    You do understand what a pencil is. And a keyboard. Then understand this. I am not your horse nor your ass, so why act like such a WHIP?

    I’m not here to debate the bones of these humans and who they were in qualitative form with you. I will (for sake of their memory) defend that it is absolutely not right that opinion should ever have been stopped from disseminating in such manner.

    Richard, you have more in common with Kent State than you think – except one of you still has a chance for growth. That’s the real tragedy, isn’t it? The students of Kent State seem more alive than you – but why do you want to prove your life to the dead? Psst…scientifically, they aren’t really speaking any more, except through you and me.

    So at the very least, figure this out, Richard. A rememberance is not always an invitation for debate – and if so – the debate is only welcomed so long. This is the so long.

    Dude… save your pumpkin carve for your own family’s Hollow-ing day. Disengage and shell it elsewhere, you ash wipe.

    (To Kent State and student voice! Everyday and any day.)

  10. They were American Murdered by the United States Army.

    You see me around town, sometime, you believe we SHOULD be shot down for opposing you and your Emperor Bush? Try it with me, useLESS idiot.

    You might want to have some backup before you do.

    i heard some of the Guardsmen who did the Murders committed suicide on several of the anniversaries, from remorse.

    Good Riddance.

  11. Thanks Jonah for that last add-on. I felt same.

    At a certain point I had to retract lots of words – as for me they seemed patronizing.

    I decided the apologies seem more due to the post’s author, Eric and NMT fans. I recall times in tradional school settings those days when the professor spends all the time answering the back of the classroom. Half the folks sitting towards the rear felt disengaged, the half choosing to disengage. Either way, it built a sorta forwrd/backward motion in the process, and a bell curve to establish goals AND limitations.

    For me it always made math studies a bit of a challenge – when in classroom. I’ve seen a lot of classes where students become apprentice teachers. Yet, teaching/learning is not always a team sport – like other activities – lest the group as some agreement on what participation is, when, and how.

    It is quite schismatic and requires quite a finesse of educators – as well as students.

    What is the best way to meet a gathering of diverse minds – and assist them as group and individuals?

    The answer is usually not debated with the students by instructors until they are at a level where they want to participate. Even then, the student is usually deemed “playing on their turf” – which in my mind shows just how politi-sized/poli-sized/territorial-lies we have become about information.

    I can accept a large degree of material wealth/necessity and a protective spirit towards those that have it. I can’t exactly accept that knowledge itself is so limited as to not seek ways as a culture to share it – rather than “possess” it.

    The attitude comes from a loss of patience with teaching/learning process – as well as economic myths about the brain’s limited ability. Time is what’s limited in mortality.

    Treating the brain like a safe seems absolutely stupid – yet necessity in survivalistic environs. I think such “desparation” recycles. Those seeking the edge – will round it – or fall.

    Such is experimentation and learning. Most of us don’t like to explain ourselves or our thoughts. The airing is prone, yet necessity at times to maintain connectivity – and grow (together).

    In today’s world Columbus and gang would be working at Taco Bell – when not sponsored by the King and Queen.

    Is that the best way of intelligence?

    Or can we learn from how we learned history?

    This is the debate of Ivory – when not discussing elephants. It’s also the debate of forgetfulness as well as functionality in a place that harvests such tusks for the credit of the institution – in the name of apprenticeship. Tuition is the first fee paid for college. Endenture – is the second for many.

    Mixed debate. Drives a lot of students to the campus lawns – and is a common discussion outside of reveling about norms and making some personal distinguishments.

    ….And a lot of non-college types tend to think these students are polluting a good view of the “mawble columns”. Parts of the community around develop a contempt. Inside the students, the teachers, even the libraries feel challenged. A few folks with guns – elected as bangers – become triggered by that which they can’t see.

    I’d like to believe we all care our children and future.

    The real threat seems at the failure of productive gardening. The guns were not used to protected the farm, but to protect distant killing fields. Kent State is that example.

    Since we did not heed the call of protecting and reforming the educational system – we now have guns in school.

    The peace sign is at half mast. Half the masters degree, behalf the masters’ decree.

    Kent State is that example, as well.

    Until we all balance the learn…

    …rest in pieces…

    (and peace)

  12. I should like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to remarking on my thoughts. It was exactly what I was looking for to show my students. Namely that when any opinion which does not go along with jacobin intolerance, a liberal will resort to name calling and insult.

    Remember I never called anyone a name, questioned their sexaul orientation, age, or maturinty, yet you have provided me with a wealth of material. You have proven my point.

    I shall not be replying further. Thanks again.

  13. Richard- you have students to watch you lob incoherent insults to draw our fire? Call the Ohio National Guard bad shots because they killed too few students and you are bound to raise some ire. Are you home-schooling a litter of fetal-alcohol idiots?

  14. Jesus H. Christ! This thread sure has gotten the loony Right Wingers going strong into their typical nonsense! Major George started it going right from the very beginning with his standard line of dishonest shit…

    ‘Yo Eric, Couple points you missed. This Guard was mostly untrained young folks and believed they were under fire.’

    Yeah. And what a croc of shit.

    And now Richard is in here with the usual finale of the Right…
    that supposedely Leftists aren’t worth nothing at all, and blah, blah,blah….

    ‘I shall not be replaying further.’

    Well Booh-hoo-hoo, Richie Rich. Certainly we will miss you NOT. Go watch your Rush Limburger and Glenn Beck stuff, will yuh? To stimulate your intellect some? You got us lol. Goodbye now…

  15. I dunno, dude sounds serious… maybe he’s gonna have the Guard or better yet the Minutemen come hunting us…

    A teacher who can’t spell properly?

    I would have thought it a requirement for the job.

    But thank YOU, Richard, for providing a prime example of Intolerance, to the point where you would applaud the killing of Unarmed Americans, by concentrated Machine Gun Fire, if they opposed your Government’s killing of other Americans and of course Foreign Human Beings.

    Perhaps your students would care to read that part?

    Or will you, as many Right Wing “instructors” do, edit it to exclude anything that might not point to “irrational hatred” on the part of your targets?

  16. Jonah, perhaps you need to not fall asleep in English class since you know nothing about spelling and punctuation. Oh, I forgot, you’re practicing GENERATION-X grammar!

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