The heterosexual Lesbians of Lesbos

The islanders of Lesbos are angry that in the English speaking world, when they introduce themselves as Lesbian, it gets a laugh. Residents of Lesbos are suing to prevent a Greek gay and lesbian interest group from using the English word in their name. Some even point to evidence that the ancient poet and proto-lesbian Sappho was not homosexual. Apparently Sappho was from Lesbos, ergo, Lesbian, Lesbians.

People have historically been described by their native region, sooner than their nationality. It’s not unique to the Greek city states, though obviously in the Mediterranean it is deeply rooted. From Athens: Athenians, from Sparta: Spartans, from Troy: Tojans.

As the English speakers who are appending the confusing “ian,” perhaps the solution is in our hands. Thomas MC has suggested we all agree to call the Greek islanders Lesboes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being confused with Lesbians. But can you say the same about the people of Crete? In several languages to be from Crete means the same, perhaps only they know why: Cretans.

2 thoughts on “The heterosexual Lesbians of Lesbos

  1. Do Parasites hail from Paris? What’s in a name, after all? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  2. FYI:
    Having been stationed in Turkey & going to Greece & islands the rumer is these folks did not like males very much. Ran the island & used the males then killed them keeping girl babies to keep the island going. Just bit of history, Marie. But some folks feel a name can be very important just as you pointed out by Paris.

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