May Day

MAYDAY If the government does not stop the war, we will stop the government.On May 1st, 2008 the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) will stop-work for eight hours at all West Coast docks to protest the continued US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Transport and postal workers are joining in. A similar action last year in Australia led to violence. A 2003 antiwar dock worker protest in Long Beach met with unprecedented police brutality.

6 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Yo Eric,
    These (?) sure know how to support the troops, huh?
    May day! Lets hope the police are more gental this time.
    Neg vibes again.

  2. This was a great action by the Longshore workers union and shows the need for rebuilding the Labor Movement in this country. Then the rich and their lackeys couldn’t get away with profiting off death and destruction all the time, Major Bigshot.

  3. Yo Tony,
    Major Bigshot? Surely you were not meaning me! Sure not a “Big shot”. Just a normal average American that did & does his duty. Try, Tony to be civil, huh. Who know you may get censored by Eric.
    your favoright Neocon, retired army combat officer & Texican

  4. Yeah, Curious, I hear you were a victim of that horrible Left censorship? How it must have hurt your soft hide, too! But we are so cruel out here in Left Field, not unlike you gentle police and cons and military surveillance types.

    George, we may tolerate your presence (like we have any choice at the moment) but we know full well what you represent. I hope I won’t be ‘censored’ now for being uncivil and calling you a thug. But that you are. The question is, are you still on the clock?

  5. Yo Tony,
    Yep Eric likes to censor me but PPJPC justice came out. Just because you have a view, others may have a different one. And PPJPC knew it was just to allow me to have my say in a respectful manner. No I am sure Eric will not censor your calling me names. Need to change your smoke Tony, I am not a cop, military surveillance person just a simple old soldier trying to see all sides (even yours) to the discussion so I can make a good judgement on the topic. Guess you will have me taken off as soon as you can Tony, still the truth will set you free. I am on a chair Tony, no clock despite your smoke dreams. Joke, dude. Bad vibes!

    What I represent? Why hard right neocon thinking American combat vet view. Sure a commie like you understands that. You are proud to be a commie, me – proud to be an American. The example for the whole world. American, sort of gets to you, huh Tony. I agree.

  6. George. It was my recommendation that the PPJPC disinvite you to discussions, online and in person, because it was clear you are only a heckler. Much as you proclaim to be a peace fan, your input is only ever pro-war. Why should a peace group need a pro-war opinion intimidating its members? I’m sure a Bill O’Reilly fan club wouldn’t tolerate someone who keeps saying O’REILLY SUCKS even if in between he repeats “hey, I’m a fan.”

    I don’t mind you online, because it ties up your energies, and we can handle you. But I have to admit your self-deluded friendly spiel gets dull.

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