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May Day march was big unpermitted party! Occupez les bons temps rouler!

Occupy Denver activists took to the streets of downtown Denver in an un-permitted march.
OCCUPIED DENVER– If Denver Occupiers accomplished one thing this May Day, in solidarity with global calls for a general strike, and in sync with more aggressive protests in Oakland and elsewhere, Occupy Denver had a great time. THAT WAS ALL IT HAD TO BE. The crowd was largely young, with the energy, idealism and ideology reminiscent of the early days last fall. OCCUPEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER!

UltraLeftism fails to revitalize May Day in America, or to revitalize the Occupy Movement either

Pity the poor Occupy Movement, as Establishment liberal types, Ron Paul Right Wingers, and now Ultraleftists all try out the shortcomings of their own models of disorganization and find them all to be totally lacking. Yesterday on May Day the UltraLeftists had their turn to further disorganize Occupy, as they called for a ‘general strike’ with their own subjective desires as the only ‘force’ actually desiring to go into any battle. The result? Nobody but the Black Bloc really had ‘a good time’, …plus a few riot cops with their Darth Vader inspired weoponry in hand.

Here’s the problem, Gents of the UltraLeft. To actually build a real General Strike you have to patiently organize The People and not just call a ‘strike’ all alone in your own pitifully small name. Do that alone, and you will hardly even get out a respectfully numbered May Day ‘celebration’. People will simply ignore you and go about their personal business. You will have organized nothing.

Like it or not, UltraLefts, but the general body politic has decided to sit out YET another selection year of the ruling class, and to massively and passively watch the results once again of this charade. It will take more than your mere bravado to move them into any gear other than their passivity.

The ‘general stike’ of Colorado could be seen in Denver Occupy, as one of the local Colorado Springs’ Ron Paulers, ‘Joel’, did his usual incoherent jig on the live feed. Message? ‘God Bless America’… Pity the poor Occupy Movement with ‘organizers’ such as ‘Joel’ and the young and stupid ‘Black Bloc nincompoops as so-called ‘leaders’.

What a silly circus the Occupy Movement has now degenerated itself into. The masses are not yet moving and will not be moved behind a ‘movement’ that declares itself to be leaderless.

Top Obama official calls assassinations by sniping drones ‘legal’!

Each and every time the US government uses drones to kill people with, it is using a form of sniper to assassinate somebody without any due process to try and convict them legally in a court of law. So how is any of that ‘legal’? And unlike executions, which most of the world condemns anyway, drone attacks are often very messy affairs where bystanders get executed as well as ‘targets’. Hard to mount any argument that there is any legality to all of this, and yet that’s exactly what the Obama Adminsitration and the US Democratic Party are now doing! See “Yes, in full accordance with the law" Top U.S. Security Official Says ‘Rigorous Standards’ Are Used for Drone Strikes. So what are The People supposed to now do in full accordance with the law to a body of government officials who are assassinating people outside of any real and recognized internationally law? That is the question of the day? May Day! It was bad enough when Bush was torturing people in secret but now we have Obama openly murdering people and calling it ‘legal’! We have a national government that no longer knows any legal boundaries for itself and its actions. The world, if not ourselves, will eventually stop them!

National Day of Prayer versus May Day

Join us this May DayA billion years to raise the tree frog
A hundred million years of lovers curling against each other in sleep
Half a million years of campfire sparks ascending to the stars
Twenty-one centuries since Spartacus and his fellow slaves brought Rome to its knees
Two centuries since the Luddites demonstrated the proper treatment of workplace technology
One hundred and twenty years since the Chicago government used the Haymarket disturbance to justify the execution of seven innocent men: “Hang these men and you kill Anarchy in this country!”

A century since anarchist Leon Czolgosz proved them wrong by assassinating President William McKinley

Eighty years since Henry Ford tried to buy off workers with the weekend

Sixteen years since the rioters of Los Angeles showed what it takes to get justice in this country

Eight and a half years since the WTO protests shattered plate glass in Seattle and complacency across the world

One day to gather in our communities, to celebrate the coming of spring and the potential of resistance

Counting the days to our next chance to make history

Eleven weeks to the international day of action against climate change called to coincide with the G8 meetings in Russia*

Eight months to plan unpermitted marches and rowdy street parties for New Year’s Eve

Nine months to prepare a surprise for the next Presidential Inauguration

A decade to establish radical social centers and free schools in every community

Twenty years to explore everything that can be accomplished while wearing a mask

A generation to replace grocery stores with gardens and cough syrup with licorice root

A century for dairy cows and toy poodles to go feral

Five hundred years to melt down cannons into wine goblets, water pipes and sleigh bells

A millennium for the dandelions growing out of the sidewalk to become redwoods

…and the rest of eternity to enjoy

(*Adapted from Crimethinc, MAYDAY 2006)

May Day

MAYDAY If the government does not stop the war, we will stop the government.On May 1st, 2008 the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) will stop-work for eight hours at all West Coast docks to protest the continued US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Transport and postal workers are joining in. A similar action last year in Australia led to violence. A 2003 antiwar dock worker protest in Long Beach met with unprecedented police brutality.