Meester Vice-president, we’ve been friends a long time…

Dick ‘Shotgun’ Cheney is in the Middle East cheering up our government’s allies there.

‘Everything going by game plan, and American State terrorism is really healthy, Guys!’ YES! … Cheney in oil talks with Saudis

…You just gotta love these people, don’t you?

They remind me a lot of Saddam Hussein himself, who never for a minute lacked confidence. Maybe Cheney and The King will someday meet the same fate, though unfortunately I think they will go the way of Franco, Pinochet, and Richard Nixon instead. There’s such little real justice in the world, and it’s a shame.

I am firmly in favor of torturing to death Dick Cheney (for useful information, of course, therefore I can say such a thing, because the US Empire is such a grand democracy!) Gotta love our great people! Wave the flag! Pray for America and all that.

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