Reviewing Saddam Hussein’s and the US government’s past terrorism against Iran

Rumsfeld reads own mind So the US government wants to go to war against Iran with its pit bull, Israel, at its side? This would be the second US war against Iran when one recalls that the previous US war against that country had the US government using its Iraqi pit bull, Saddam Hussein, instead of the current Zionist one now at its side, named Olmert. Yes, Olmert is no Baathist, he is of the Zionist breed instead. But still, yet another US bred dog of war at that.

Sasan Fayazmanesh writes of US historical amnesia in his commentary about The Shoot Down of Iran Air Flight 655. There is no historical amnesia here though, almost the entire US public went through the ’80s in a political fog of pure damp ignorance about what was happening in the Middle East. To have amnesia one would have had to known about what was happening in the first place, Sasan. And one cannot expect these propaganda spouting clowns of the US government to know much more about their own direct US historical past than the general US public at large either.

Still, Sasan does help some of us with our much needed history brush ups. Many of us were getting degrees in Business Management back in the ’80s, and the history courses didn’t quite fit in with your ‘education’ at the old Alma Maters, Dudes. Heck, many of you Reaganite Era Beavises and Buttheads were getting credentialed, and didn’t have much time to get an actual education, did yuh? It wasn’t pragmatic enough… Of course, many of you dumb Buttheads will be wanting to get tuf, tuf, tuf against a country whose country your government has terrorized all along. Doh!

Hey, get EXTRA points on your history exam if you can guess why Donald Rumsfeld’s photo graces this commentary with its presence?

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