24 thoughts on “Chains of modern slavery are invisible

  1. why did the white people do this what if somebody did this to their child anyone who had anybody in slaves should be hung

  2. well if i was that child i would have run away look at him he probably didn’t take a bath poor baby its okkkkkkkk… slavery has ended now i love you poor baby you need to hear this

  3. I think this is terrible and why people take no notice of these things is dispicable but i suppose it’s a hard trade to stop but we all must try

  4. I think its funny how everyone always blames the whites for slavery. If you will take a good look at the picture its a black man selling that poor boy. I am sorry to burst your bubble but the black man sold his own people into slavery and not to just the white man but to many other South and Central American countries. I agree its a bad thing but I dont think the whites have a thing to do with that!!!!!

  5. does it matter if it is a white man or a black man.. I am an african american.. I am anti – who ever is anti against me. It does not matter if it is a white man, black man, yellow man, or a martian. The bottom line is the child is suffering under the hands of another.. That person mind is so twisted he thinks that boy is his property. He is lucky I did not see this with my own eyes… I would kill him where he stands.. he does not deserve to breath the same air with me…

  6. Whoever buys him there will probably chop him up and use his parts for voodoo. If their govt. still allows this, why is the un allowing this?

  7. The U.N. isn’t even enforcing the laws regarding War Crimes.

    The person holding the chain might be black, but the people with the Invisible Chain, well, it takes a LOT of money to run slavery, especially since it’s actually illegal at least in name, everywhere in the world. Who has that kind of money?

    People who make money off conquest, pillage and other war crimes.
    Follow a trail of known Liars who commit War Crimes and, just incidentally, Slavery, like for instance, say, Richard Cheney, Halliburton, and the Arab Government he de-facto owns, Dubai.

    Scott, if it makes you feel better, Cheney has White slaves too.

    It makes Cheney feel better.

    As to using dead people as religious implements, as in the comment about Vodun… There’s lots of freshly killed people in and out of Africa.

    Especially distressing are the number of dead bodies of children.

    You remember Eddy? Can’t remember the name of the heavy metal band that displayed him on stage…. They bought him from India.

    You can buy a whole lot of things and human remains is just another commodity on the market.

    “free” market unregulated Capitalism at its Shining Best.

    Actually, though, the buying and selling of human remains isn’t the lowest part… buying live human beings is. The practice is refined as well, with the Anti-Union movement in full swing, they buy and sell whole countries full of living Human Beings and tell them they have the “Right to Work”.

  8. Yes. It is and always was and always will be. Remember that sentiment, every time in your life that you see things and actions that lead to or perpetuate Slavery. When the reason for a command is “Because we’re more powerful than you and can force you to do it”.

  9. Slavery is still endemic in most African countries. Sudan is the worst. It has nothing to do with skin colour and everything to do with human decency. The MEN who control African nations don’t want slavery to end because it is through slavery that they control their countries.

  10. Who ever done this should feel how it is to be beatin think is that rite to be done that way….
    trust mii it is not thank god!!! we are not in slavory in more like duh!!!!!!

  11. speech:when i was sick i was black.When i was mad i was black.When i falled on the floor i was black.
    when white ppl falled they red.when sick they were blue.when angry they were hot red.

    you dare to call mi color…mhm

  12. And Abraxas was a piece of carved stone. Its priests specialized in getting other people to go out and kill to appease and please the stone “god” Abraxas.

    That’s pretty pathetic when you think of it, eh? People being so stupid and fearful that they’ll go out and kill because somebody told them a freakin’ ROCK ordered it?
    War is a means to enable and ensure slavery, not a means to end it.
    You would only become what you fought against.

    The word is found in Gnostic texts such as the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, and also appears in the Greek Magical Papyri. It was engraved on certain antique gemstones, called on that account Abraxas stones, which were used as amulets or charms

  13. And I was supposed to spell its name in all capitals.
    Oh well. I just reckon I don’t give a damn if a rock feels insulted because I misspelled its name.

  14. And here i am eating a double pounder and watching football while this is going on in front of my very own eyes!

  15. The human rights I am going to do is no slavery. No slavery is not being controlled by anyone It’s being free from all everyone. No Slavery u can go where u want with them not knowing where is not having to follow someone’s orders or, be abused by someone who tries to make u do something u don’t want to do. No Slavery means people can’t take people from their family’s, or trade u, or even buy u. No Slavery is having your right to talk an not having rules or work for someone. We are people not slaves we should all be treated with equal rights no matter where we come from we have the rights to be on this land an have the rights to have the same stuff as all the people who try to treat us as slaves! We need to stop the 27 million slaves in the world even if we got to go to war for it we need to save the 27 people from slavery even if we got to go to war to save all the people no matter where they come from we need to get them out of being whipped or treated like them mean nothing people need to understand that we are people and all people should be equal we need to stand up an do something about it we need to stop all the evil people that got people as slaves we need to save life’s not destroy them.

  16. Extreme poverty enslaves lots of people. For instance in India there are 600 million people living below the ‘poverty line’. These people are so desperate, they will do anything to survive. ‘Sell their souls’

  17. No man is in equal to another. for all we live on the same level. under god to obey.We can not blame this on the whhite man nor the black .but our selfes for letting this happen.Im 13 years old and i no right from wrong and so does this boys owner.

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