New Police World Order comes home

Mary Sprunger-Froese brings balloon to bear against the St Patricks Day batonsJUST IN: The Springs’ own inveterate activist Mary Sprunger-Froese was turned away at the Canadian border owing to her political criminal record. She and her husband Peter who is a Canadian citizen, were paying a visit to his family in Saskatchewan on the occasion of his brother’s wedding. They borrow a car for this semiannual trip. Peter sometimes makes the journey by bike. This time Canadian border agents made an issue of Mary’s extensive civil disobedience arrest record and wouldn’t permit her entry. The couple had to turn back and subsequently got caught in the interstate closures due to weather. More after they get home.

1 thought on “New Police World Order comes home

  1. Absolutely shameful, Canada! You are a country that claims to be more liberal than the US, yet here you are following a disgraceful American government’s policy. And for what earthly reasons one cannot even imagine?

    Mary is one of the most gentle people I know, and to turn her back from visiting elderly in laws at Christmas really takes the cake.

    I hope you like your new image, Canada? For years, Americans traveling abroad often claimed to be Canadians. That will come to an end soon, and rightfully so.

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