News from the Pope… again…

I wonder if Bishop “vote republican or rot in hell” Sheridan is going to jump on this bandwagon, but the Pope has said that allowing Native Americans their own culture and religion would be a step backward, and made the preposterous claim that they were just “silently waiting and hoping for Christianity” to push them into the lowest levels of Latin American societies ooops I mean “liberate them from the slavery of having their own national identity” ooops again, I mean “from the slavery of their ignorance”

There hasn’t been much outcry from our Diocese about the fact that the Uber Rich buying up all the land bordering the National Forest and building an almost impenetrable fence of “No Trespassing-Private Property” to limit the Medicine People, including and especially Native Americans, from access to the Medicine Lands that were “given” to us by the Laramie Treaty and later reinforced by the Native American Religious Freedom Act of 1973.

Pretty fucking bad when we had to have an Act of Congress to affirm that the First Amendment provisions about Freedom of Religion actually applied to ALL citizens, even Native Americans.

But for the past few years the Army, at the behest of the Gated Community Rich Bitches like the ones at Cedar Heights (which is technically on Garden of the Gods treaty land) has been enforcing arbitrary rules which keep the people off the people’s land.

The rich folks have had the National Forest set aside as a publicly subsidized private playground for them and their snot-nosed brats.

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3 Responses to News from the Pope… again…

  1. Avatar CJ says:

    Brother Jonah, could you please post a link to the article about the Pope statement about us following our own relgion being a step backward? Thanks.

    You’re totally right about the private property issues. Geez, are there ANY treaties the U.S. gov hasn’t broken with tribes? I can’t name one, personally.


    He was being more specific about the Natives in Latin America,

    And the story starts with the Brazilian Indigenes being very very pissed off at him.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pathetic stuff and not surprising considering Pope Rats Nazi childhood.

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