Unconventional Action takes to street

DENVER- Let’s start with the second confrontation. DNC disruption-minded Unconventional Action held Broadway Ave beneath the Capitol building, prompting riot police to close in.
UA second confrontation

Unconventional Action to RECLAIM THE STREETS
3PM 16th Street Mall
Pole position on mall

No Hope in Capitalism

No Hope in Capitalism

Its the System Stupid

Departing from permitted route
“To locations downtown, particularly near delegates’ hotels, where coordinated direct action and protests may take place after the End the Occupations march.”

Queer message

Show of arms

Protecting the Sheritan

Marie watches

Through park

First Confrontation:
Unconventional Action moved up from Civic Center Park, unto Lincoln Ave and stayed. Mounted police were the first responders.
Mounted Police

Horses were used to advance against the crowd and split it.
Parting the protesters

Eventually Unconventional Action relinquished their position and moved over one block.
Pushing crowd back

Second Confrontation
Back to Broadway Avenue. After riot troops formed their line, UA marchers stepped up against them.
UA move toward cops

This lead to some tense moments. Police commanders could be heard instructing each other “if anyone (unintelligible), shot them.” Just as abruptly, Unconventional Action broke off and marched North, beckoning all to follow. “Off the sidewalks, into the streets!” Few takers.
UA moves North

Riot police jumped on SUVs and gave chase.
Cops take chase

To be continued…

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  1. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    Thou shalt not protest the Democratic Party Police State!

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