No freedom of religion for FLDS in Texas

Mormon mothers ask for their children to be returnedMormon polygamist families at the mercy of a merciless state. In the absence of formal charges, or an accuser, recently released women plead to have their children returned, and wonder what happened to their protection from religious persecution. Custody hearings begin Thursday.

3 thoughts on “No freedom of religion for FLDS in Texas

  1. The liberal community at last has been heard from, as alternet today posted a commentary culled from the Huffington Post about the Eldorado, Texas raids . Unfortunately, these liberal Democrat spokespeople from the Democratic Party camp seem to have thrown their support in for the Republican government’s actions once again. Meanwhile, the children and parents have had their rights totally violated, and their families destroyed by CPS.

    You Democrats are just great! You can be depended on for next to nothing. We, the American people, are supposed to think that because you bleeding hearts can say ‘Iraq, Iraq, Iraq’ over and over again, that the Democratic Party is some sort of real oppositional force to the Republicans. But you fail every test. The commentary posted on alternet about this issue of what is happening in Texas to this religious sects just pathetic. Liberal comments included.

  2. I just feel to correct the erroneous statement that these are “Mormon polygamists.” There is no longer polygamy practiced in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and hasn’t been for a very long time. I’m sure that most of the people who are a part of the FLDS are good kind industrious people but they have 0 affiliation with the Mormon church.

  3. Whether the Tabernacle acknowledges them as Mormon has no bearing in their treatment at the hands of the state. They have as the core of their church the Same Book of Mormon published by the “establishment” LDS.

    As to Zero Connection, they branched off from the Saints, were originally members of the LDS congregation.

    What you’ve said, Miles, is the equivalent of what the Roman Catholic Church said of the Greek Orthodox Church and later of the Lutheran church and still later of the Anglican church. It’s what the Southern Methodist Convention and The Southern Baptist conventions were described as by the major conventions of THEIR churches and what they, in turn, say about Pentecostals, Independent Baptist Churches and the A.M.E. Churches.

    The leaders of the churches denounce the breakaway churches, and disown them. It’s as long-standing a tradition in Religious History as Christian-on-Christian warfare.

    I don’t for a minute doubt that the Orthodox faction of the Jewish Faith deeply resent and resist the notion that the LDS church represents Judaism.

    Aside from the Anti-Fellowship attitude of other churches not being the same as (“not as good as”) Our Church, whichever it is, the Tabernacle disowning the FLDS has not one bit of relevance.

    Although celebrating the spirit of schism could provide a clue as to how it devolved so far that one group (The State of Texas, whose leaders including the current governor claim is a Christian Nation) is taking aim at other Christian churches.

    Much like the Crusaders taking aim primarily at other Christians, under the guise of combatting Islam.

    Further, one of the rising stars of the Saints, Mitt Romney, appears at political rallies with people who suggest that Mormon scripture was written and propagated by the Catholic Church.
    Ok, more than merely “suggest”. You can get all the Papish Plot literature you want by writing to Chick Publications.

    And disown both churches as non-Christian. They suggest that LDS is a “cover” created by the Catholic Church to hide the rise of the AntiChrist.

    Need further “affiliation”? Really?

    Incidentally, there’s another splinter group, equally “0 Affiliation with the Mormon Church” in Mexico who have the same practices.

    And other groups around the Southwest. The claim of zero affiliation comes from Salt Lake City, not from the members of the “unaffiliated” churches.

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