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The Texas state government trial by press of the Eldorado parents

The Texas state government has decided to try the parents of the Eldorado children in the press by circulating new rumors that underage boys were sexually abused and that children had their bones deliberately broken by the parents. This is a new low to date in the government’s actions, who have yet, weeks after their raid, to file any criminal charges against anybody! …See MSNBC titled Official: Sex abuse of boys in sect possible
Texas investigators give few details, cite journal entries, interviews

Besides trying to taint this fundy religious group with being interested somehow in homosexual sex, the allegations about broken bones are certainly unique in its stupidity. Out of 417 children, the CPS claims that 41 children have evidence of broken bones! Well whoop-to-do here. Can you imagine the evil these parents had to have been up to? Where are the charges, Rick? Rick Perry is the Bush clone that is Governor of Texas who launched this nightmare. These evil parents were breaking children’s bones, but your courts can’t back any of that up, now can they? So it’s trial by slandering these folk in the press, is it?

Once again, it is not backing up the sick religion of fundy Mormonism of the 19th Century to be against the government’s actions at Eldorado. It is not supporting sex with underage girls. It is simply nothing more than supporting the right to a fair trial before punishment is made. It is to not support group punishment when maybe a few have broken some laws. It is Americanism not to cheerlead the victimization of vulnerable parents by a sick government bureaucracy.

ACLU opposes the illegal government group punishment of Eldorado parents

“While we acknowledge that Judge Walthers’ task may be unprecedented in Texas judicial history, we question whether the current proceedings adequately protect the fundamental rights of the mothers and children of the FLDS,” said Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, in a statement.

While the ACLU “deplores” crimes against children, Burke said that “constitutional rights that all Americans rely upon and cherish – that we are secure in our homes, that we may worship as we please and hold our places of worship sacred, and that we may be with our children absent evidence of imminent danger – have been threatened” by the state’s actions.

Lisa Graybill, legal director for the ACLU of Texas, said officials may have violated the U.S. Constitution and state laws in how they conducted the raid and the subsequent custody hearing.

“The government must ensure that each mother and each child in its custody receives due process of law in determining the placement of the children and other matters regarding the children’s care,” she said in the statement.

And still there are no criminal charges brought against any of the parents for supposedly abusing their children as the press has alleged for almost 2 weeks now! Shame on the State of Texas and US Federal Government.

We Americans are innocent until proven guilty no more it certainly seems…

Colorado Springs plays role in Eldorado! Fake teen phone call linked to FLDS raid

Texas Rangers advanced on the YFZ ranch prepared for resistance
How embarrassing.
Colorado “Jesus Springs” finds itself in the news on the POLICE STATE ACTION in Eldorado!
33-year old Rozita Swinton
of Colorado Springs, was arrested last night for false reporting, for making a call posing as abused teenager “Sarah” to a rescue mission operated by an ex-FLDS member. It was the call which launched the Texas Ranger raid on the Yearning For Zion Ranch. The charges against Swinton are local, but Texas authorities were present at the arrest, and a judge has sealed the evidence…

To their credit, the Texas lawmen didn’t plant a dead “Sarah” at the scene to confirm the news reporters’ not-unspoken worst fears. What will become of the custody hearings now that the WMDs are proven to have been fabricated? If Iraq is any indication…

The photos linked above show how law enforcement advanced on the YFZ Ranch in Eldorado Tx, on the 400 plus children they were intent on repatriating into the state religious system.

For those of you twisted up about the apparent retro-feminist roles of the FLDS wives, I suggest you research polygamist societies. I remember seeing a documentary which showed their family dynamics are largely matriarchal. The women rule the households and the husband sperm-donor passes from each according to the wives’ schedules, which are dictated by their needs, chores, and appliances that need fixing.

FLDS folk evicted on religious grounds

Is Eldorado worse than Waco? Well… No one has yet been burned alive, or shot in the back trying to escape the flames, but neither can the Feds claim Eldorado has been an operational error. The implications of what’s transpiring at the YFZ Ranch are worse. In Eldorado Texas, members of the FLDS church are being removed from where they live under the pretext of a social services complaint, if even that turns out not to be fabrication. Are they being evicted? Taken into custody? Taken into detention? What should the American public think of seeing several hundred people, distinguished by belonging to a non-mainstream religious group, being TRANSPORTED against their wishes, away?

Church of Latter Day Saints down 200

White girls await transport to new belief system
Rival American Christian fringe denominations compete fiercely for their flocks.
The First Baptist Church of Eldorado Texas scored big this weekend when authorities raided the Fundamental Church of the Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and the Baptists were able to score 200 of the underage Mormon girls. Said a bystander of the rescued girls: “They’re singing songs. So happy and sweet and precious. It’s heart-breaking.”