FLDS folk evicted on religious grounds

Is Eldorado worse than Waco? Well… No one has yet been burned alive, or shot in the back trying to escape the flames, but neither can the Feds claim Eldorado has been an operational error. The implications of what’s transpiring at the YFZ Ranch are worse. In Eldorado Texas, members of the FLDS church are being removed from where they live under the pretext of a social services complaint, if even that turns out not to be fabrication. Are they being evicted? Taken into custody? Taken into detention? What should the American public think of seeing several hundred people, distinguished by belonging to a non-mainstream religious group, being TRANSPORTED against their wishes, away?

4 thoughts on “FLDS folk evicted on religious grounds

  1. mullah cimoc say this to showing ameriki just the satanic.
    like the village it vietnam: we must to destroying it just to be save it.
    hypocrite beast claim to be the free but just the serve devil.

    benjamin frankling be so ashame if to see this destroy family, only love lesbian and to killing abortion so many him ameriki baby just to poking the head for suck dry it brain meat. this ameriki him love. but then claim to protecting it children.

    Also, each day more him ameriki woman becoming slut, take LBT (low back tattoo) and him son the gay homosexual. This punish for wicked and cruel.

    And why Baptist church to work of policeman for kidnap to steal this children. This so ashame. This not the Christian.

  2. Religious groups that don’t make the rape and underage marriage of their young female members don’t have this problem.

  3. Actually, the Branch Davidians didn’t do that either, until after they got slaughtered, then the pigs started “finding” evidence of it…
    No conspiracy, there’s a perfectly logical reason why at no time during the siege did the pigs ever make such accusations, and it’s just a coincidence that by the time they made such charges, there was no way David Koresh or the others could possibly defend against them. It’s real easy to convict dead people.
    Likewise the Baghwan Shree Rajneesh… the pigs finally deported him for Tax Evasion.

    “Simply obey the Government and you won’t have any problems”…

    “If you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you fear the KGB, Comrade?”

  4. Also, let’s see, MOVE in Philadelphia, Catholics in Virginia, Protestants in Maryland (this kind of stuff goes on an on… nothing actually NEW here)

    Oh, here’s a good one, Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites, you know why they’re HERE and not Bavaria and Moravia? Three words:

    Ree Lij Un… both the Protestant Lutherans and the Catholics called them Heretics because they’re Anabaptists.

    So, who exactly gets to define the difference between Constitutionally protected Religion and Get-arrested-or-maybe-burned-out-and-shot Illegal Cult?

    Some Christians partake of ritualistic Cannibalism and really dangerous drugs, like wine, in Church.

    Then others are hounded by the Yankee government because they smoke pot in Church.

    The Quakers are once more under the gun, literally, for once more opposing yet another senseless war (is there any other kind?) and Our Hero “Gunny” Bob calls them a Terrorist Hate Cult.

    Let’s also not forget Muslims, like the Flying Imams, or the Hassidic Rabbis who were praying in Hebrew and some of the passengers complained (fear-mongering pussy passengers) and had THEM arrested.

    Cults, cults cults…

    Depending on who you ask, that is.

    Sets a really dangerous precedent when a Government Agency can make the arbitrary decision of who is a Religion and who is a Cult.

    The Nazis did that too…

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