The Texas state government trial by press of the Eldorado parents

The Texas state government has decided to try the parents of the Eldorado children in the press by circulating new rumors that underage boys were sexually abused and that children had their bones deliberately broken by the parents. This is a new low to date in the government’s actions, who have yet, weeks after their raid, to file any criminal charges against anybody! …See MSNBC titled Official: Sex abuse of boys in sect possible
Texas investigators give few details, cite journal entries, interviews

Besides trying to taint this fundy religious group with being interested somehow in homosexual sex, the allegations about broken bones are certainly unique in its stupidity. Out of 417 children, the CPS claims that 41 children have evidence of broken bones! Well whoop-to-do here. Can you imagine the evil these parents had to have been up to? Where are the charges, Rick? Rick Perry is the Bush clone that is Governor of Texas who launched this nightmare. These evil parents were breaking children’s bones, but your courts can’t back any of that up, now can they? So it’s trial by slandering these folk in the press, is it?

Once again, it is not backing up the sick religion of fundy Mormonism of the 19th Century to be against the government’s actions at Eldorado. It is not supporting sex with underage girls. It is simply nothing more than supporting the right to a fair trial before punishment is made. It is to not support group punishment when maybe a few have broken some laws. It is Americanism not to cheerlead the victimization of vulnerable parents by a sick government bureaucracy.

3 thoughts on “The Texas state government trial by press of the Eldorado parents

  1. Dear Neighbors:

    Now we can get the joooooz. I know several jooooooz. They are all guilty. They even have some pregnant teenager daughters.

    Let’s get all the joooooooz and take all their kids away. Those jooooooooz are weird, especially the orthodox. Weird books. Think different. Let’s take all the kids away from all the jooooooz.



  2. Ah, but we’re not to point out the similarities to Nazism. Those who most frequenty exhibit symptoms of Nazi Delusions of Grandeur tell us that we’re not allowed.

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