Obama is not “The One”

Barack Obama defrauded the primary voters by campaigning as the “candidate of change,” then — as soon as he had the required number of delegates — he suddenly became the “candidate of same-old politics as usual.” You might as well have just voted for John Kerry again.

According the United States Constitution, John McCain is NOT eligible to be president! Not that either political party gives a damn about the Constitution anymore…

How sad that modern politics as devolved to the point where it takes a comedian to tell us the truth.

It’s only a crime if the target is a Republican. Feds to let Obama assassination conspirators off without charges. Hell, if they’d succeeded, Bush probably would have pardoned them anyway.

FDIC going broke over bank failures, and they’ve only just begun. Isn’t Conservative deregulation “glorious”?

Bill Clinton refusing to attend Obama’s acceptance speech. You don’t suppose he knows something, do you?

Who knew you can intimidate Nazis?

US troops murdered 60 children in Afghanistan. We are making Nazi Germany look like a boy scout troop.

US terrorism in Iran?

Alaska: The Land of Corruption.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 27, thomasmc.com.

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1 Response to Obama is not “The One”

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, this is certainly leading up to be nothing but a rerun of the previous Kerry and Gore led DP self-destruction derby. There is no greater builder of the Republcian Party than the Democrats themselves. That’s why we oppose them.

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