What is there left to say to Bush?

George W. Bush will you please go now!Bush 43 is coming to the Air Force Academy commencement next week and I can’t think of anything to say. It’s not that Dubya’s becoming irrelevant, or that he’s an irredeemable reprobate or conversant as a doornail. IT IS probably that there is nothing even funny about the calamity he’s wrought. IT IS that I cannot wish him even pangs of conscience. Can you?

Have you any suggestions of a more charitable, forgiving approach? Bon voyage, May God Have Mercy On Your Soul, Rot in Hell? Were it our place to condemn Bush to perdition. Suggestions for a Bush AFA protest banner:

Bedtime for Bonzo

Et Tu Dubya

Out Damned Spot

George W. Bush
Will You Please Go Now.

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7 Responses to What is there left to say to Bush?

  1. I was thinking, you know, there’s this Anarchist trick involving a fertilizer spreader, a bag of weed-killer and a few bags of fertilizer.

    Find a great big ol’ field, maybe a golf course (like his stupid remark last week about how he was sacrificing his golf game for the War… How Noble) and write your message in weedkiller, then spread fertilizer around it for an extra green background.

    Since he’s landing at Pete Field and being helicoptered all the way to the AFA, just draw a straight line between the two and find a field somewhere on that line.

    I thought of “Chimpeach!” in 10 foot letters, but nah, that’s been done.

    Maybe something on Biblical lines, since he professes to believe and/or practice Christianity. (if he practices long enough, maybe someday he’ll get it right)

    His lame attempt to pass off a painting of some horse thief with a lynch mob right behind as being A Methodist Circuit Rider, and changed the name of it to “A Charge To Keep…” oh man that makes my eyes roll so bad they’ll roll back into my head and get stuck… again…

    “Go Back To Crawford” seems like a good one.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    I got it, I got it!

    write “Mr Bush… Mene, Mene, Tekel Peres, Mene Mene Tekel U Pharsin”

    Maybe have a coordinated (as much as liberals, anarchists and socialists can muster- I know it’s kind of like a Cat Roundup, but we can try) email campaign, to the RNC, the state and local Republican Kommittees, every Republican officeholder throughout the land and especially Mr Bush.

    Email them every stinkin’ day “Mene, mene, Tekel Peres, Mene, Mene, Tekel U Pharsin”

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    …and do it with the fertilizer spreader too…

  4. Eric Eric says:

    You have to write on the wall so Bushelzeboob can read it:
    “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… mene, mene, tekel u pharsin.”

  5. NMT NMT says:

    from nailbender at dailykos Burmashave style:

    He took your call
    He never asked
    You never knew
    ‘Till years had passed
    He’s got your name
    He’s beyond your reach
    Unless you agree
    To this: IMPEACH!!!

  6. a suggestion from another forum: “Mr President, the impeachment proceedings have now begun”

  7. Avatar The 13th says:

    hi-ho silver and away?

    naw, cheers, and another round of shots.

    impeach – before the taxpayers fund another presidential library of re-writes and twizzle stix.

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