Our little Nero has another fire in him

Bush precursor, Twilight Zone tyrant Anthony FremontOur IQ-pip-squeak-in-chief wrecks the US economy, slaughters a million people, steers the planet straight toward an iceberg, and now he’s trying to extort Americans to drill for oil on the coasts and in ANWR. Bush is still let to speak at the microphone, WHY?
Impeach the damnable cretin! Can we afford this? IMPEACH HIM NOW!

The reckless minutio-maniac has delivered the Mid East oil fields to his cronies, high gas prices to the oil profiteers, and now thinks he can use both to extort the public into surrendering protected American lands out of their desperation to ease their personal gasoline crunch.

Dumbshit consumers are locked into gas-guzzling SUVs which they can’t trade in for a Lada, and so have no recourse but to pray for a roll-back of gas prices to literally yesterday.

Are we going to let George W. Bush continue his tyrannical reign of malignant idiocy? Do you remember the scene from Twilight Zone where the terrorized town folk were too afraid to rebel against their ten-year-old telepathic oppressor? It would simply have taken two of them to jump him, but all were eager to submit to his whims, repeat the mantra “It’s a good life,” and let the demonic boy cast dissenters one by one out of sight, out of mind, to a cornfield that might as well have been Guantanamo.

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