Put IMPEACHMENT back on the table

President-elect Barack Obama could begin work today, and not just choosing his cabinet. As de-facto head of the Democratic Party, Obama should put the impeachment of George W. Bush straight unto the table. Read an insult into this too, but Bush is a lame duck. Shoot it.

Technically a lame duck president is left with not much room to swing. But a drunk in a padded room is still a threat if he’s got the red phone.

What excuse could Speaker Nancy Pelosi give for avoiding taking on the sitting president this time? It imperils what priorities now? The political battle’s won. The Dems are in charge. Is Dubya holding the world hostage until he’s paid a ransom and given a plane to escape to Paraguay?

Bush has proved that in the space of two weeks his team can summon the greatest economic crisis from an economy whose “fundamentals are strong” and raise a tab of possibly five trillion dollars. He’s got an economic summit coming up, and an itch to scratch with his own weapons of mass destruction. Distract him before he pokes somebody’s eye out.

And how better to get a jump on the upcoming challenges than to bring President Bush right to the mat, before the clock is ticking on congressional sessions which everybody should hope can be addressing America’s pressing problems problems.

Too, Joseph Lieberman should be stripped of his leadership roles on Senate subcommittees, and right wing media pundits need to lose their access to Washington.

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