Republicans: they set the tone in politics and then bitch about the tone in politics.

One of the things I was struck by, as I read the comments at the bottom of news stories about Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View, was how many Conservatives bitched and moaned about how the show wouldn’t give equal time to Cindy McCain. Maybe if they gave more thought to whether what they were saying was true, instead of just — in typical Conservative fashion — flinging their poo at whomever they could like a zoo monkey, they might have found that out that Cindy McCain co-hosted the show in April. And of course, these are the same morons who screech that restoring the FCC Fairness Doctrine would destroy freedom of speech.

Cindy McCain: the ultimate hypocrite. To declare that candidates’ wives should be “off limits,” and then — on the very same day — attack Michelle Obama as “unpatriotic,” makes me wonder if her plastic surgeon has been injecting her botox just a little too deeply.

Hypocrite family values. John W. McCain is bashing Obama for turning down public campaign funding (along with its limits) — never mind that McCain has already done exactly the same thing. Only the terminally stupid or certifiably insane could buy their crap.

Why is it the only way John McCain ever gets asked a real question is when a heckler shows up?

Will the Israeli Mossad assassinate Obama?

Hundreds of military helicopters terrorize Denver. My guess is Cheney is planning a false-flag terrorist attack for the Democratic National Convention in August.

Treason Party. Useless House Democrats vote to legalize Bush’s unconstitutional spying on Americans, and give telecoms immunity for their complicity in his crimes. Anyone who doesn’t see that the Democrats have become just another mask for the NeoFascists is a fool. Our constitutional democracy is dead, and the Democrats are as much to blame for it as the Republicans. If Bush doesn’t suspend the Consitution and declare himself dictator for life soon, the Democrats will probably do it for him.

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s notes, June 21,

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