Palin seeks refuge in Colorado Springs

sarah-palinISN’T THIS JUST SO EMBARRASSING? On Monday Sarah Palin returns for a third engagement in Colorado Springs. The Republicans have no safe haven for their “rogue” governor but America’s bastion of militant evangelism we call home. Obviously in their eyes we’re a beacon of nothing brighter than idiocy. And McCain’s campaign strategists dare not expose Palin in a public venue, but in a private airplane hanger located well within military contractor grounds. On election eve, the GOP needs to show Palin with a crowd of supporters who won’t be booing or laughing or trying to slip out in horror. We need to tell Palin to go back to Wasilla, and take her new fans with her.

Sarah Palin -a-GILF-to-get-behindFrankly, I’m not sure whether the subject of Sarah Palin is fodder for laughter more than it has become a painful embarrassment. I couldn’t listen to the Canadian CKOI prank phone call without cringing for Palin’s awful creepiness. It’s not only unimaginable that she command a position of authority, would you want to have to make polite conversation with her, if only to ask about her wild ride?

Alright, one last exploitive laugh.

4 thoughts on “Palin seeks refuge in Colorado Springs

  1. Obama will owe his victory to Sarah Palin. He should invite her to his celebration rally.

  2. Here is The Gazette’s latest report about this event which they want all of us to come to if possible. Don’t let them down! (I’ve always hated Hank Williams Junior though)

    ‘Sarah Palin – governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential candidate – will return to Colorado Springs Monday for the third time.

    The joint appearance with country music star Hank Williams Jr. will begin at 5:15 p.m. at Jet Center Aviation, 1575 Aviation Way, near the Colorado Springs International Airport.

    Doors will open at 3:30 p.m. Participants are encouraged to RSVP by calling 303-952-4670 or by visiting”

    Better yet, start your participation early by protesting US militarism and War outside as the goofballs come into the arena. 1:30 would be a good time to get out there early to help show these old military geezers and religious nuts just how you feel about their stupid wars and their stupid candidate. See you at the carnival!

  3. Do you suppose this time we ought to wear red and just follow everyone inside? We can take turns booing, not to disrupt the event, but merely lend it the dignity it deserves. Enough of us acting one at a time ought to last the duration of whatever TV coverage she gets…

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