Can Palin be impeached before election day?

Has Palin been tested for rabies?
Sarah Palin found guilty of abuse of power in Troopergate. Could she face impeachment as governor of Alaska before the November election?


Is the McCain campaign deliberately trying to get some unhinged supporter to assassinate Obama?

Secret Service investigating Republican assassination threats against Obama at McCain rallies. [Sounds like terrorism, to me!

Trying to distance himself from the ugly hatred he himself has incited, McCain told a crowd they should respect Obama, but the crowd of fascists turned on him, and almost booed him off the stage. But, they’re your Nazis, John! You created them!

New York county sends out absentee ballots printed with “Barack Osama.

Cindy McCain stayed in business with Chas. Keating for a decade after Keating 5 scandal that almost ruined John McCain’s career.

Legacy of appeasement. When is a country that sponsors terror not a country that sponsors terror? When the administration is desperately trying to find something — anything — positive to claim it accomplished during the last 8 years.

A special place in Hell, just for Sally. Kern (Terrorist Party) said gays are the biggest threat to the USA, and have killed more than 9/11, more than 100,000!

Criminal religion. Sarah Palin using taxpayers’ money to promote her own religious beliefs.

Poll: Obama now ahead by 11 points, and that’s before the ruling on Troopergate was revealed.

Not a good omen for the Republicans.

Top GOP strategist says “It’s over, McCain lost. It will be a landslide.” [video]

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Oct 10 notes,

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