Party like it’s 1929!

So this is what some of the Thieves did with our money after Mr Bush and his tame Congress gave it to them…
nuff said

nuff said 2
I would go into a schpiel parodying the Republican Talking Points about how the Pigs really do all the hard work of leadership and thus deserve the Apples and the Milk and to occupy the Farmhouse, use the barley as beer instead of feeding their starving constituents and and and… I’m just too tired right now.

The Squealer Speeches can be found in this lovely book called “Animal Farm”, they were just as much Crap when Orwell wrote it as they are when Bill-o and Rush and Their Legion Of Psychotic Sycophants spew it on us today.

These guys Ran The Entire World into the ground.

Under the ground.

Seriously, their plane hit the ground and buried itself about a hundred feet deep. They float down on Golden Parachutes, observe the wreckage scene, shrug cavalierly and say “Oh well, (Orwell?) Doesn’t seem to be much point trying to save the passengers, but if you give us ANOTHER PLANE… we’ll fly that one better”

Why? Because they “deserve” it.

Notice the “gratuities” tab, just under $3K… on a bill that topped a half million… counting the In Call services, cause them boyz ain’t gonna party without the Paid Poon-tang either.

3K, now that’s Reaganite “Trickle Down” in action there.

Guess we’re supposed to Get The Hell Used To It…

Notice they started the party before the bail-out was announced…

Man, I tell ya whut, those dudes sure can be some OBNOXIOUS bastards when they set their minds to it.

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