No such thing as a free sandwich

In traditional farm villages, the slaughter of pigs in particular was left to professionals, because their human-like screams haunted the people. Not enough to turn them off eating pork, but at least the killing of farm mammals was ritualized to accord the animals respect for their sacrifice.

Today’s consumers are oblivious to the lives at the other end of their food supply, be they exploited workers or animals. piglet costume For most of us the chasm is geographical and socially insulated. But why am I surprised that it is also willful? At the suggestion of foregoing the eating of pigs for the reward of a lighter conscience, the discussion in my circle was truncated to this consensus: “I just want to enjoy a good sandwich.” Our sentiment about war for oil, homeland security and cheap clothing.

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  1. Aw come on! Why’d you have to show us a picture of Babe here? Right after my breakfast, too… You want me to buy soy ham, now don’t you?

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